Preventing and Treating the Flu

How to Prevent and Treat the Stomach Flu in Your Child

The stomach flu. When your child contracts this nasty bug, it is a nightmare as a parent. The last thing you ever want to see is your child experiencing any pain or discomfort. Unfortunately, the stomach flu brings pain and discomfort in spades. Not to mention, it is highly contagious, so once one family member […]

5 Awesome Beach Reads to Warm Up Your Winter

Who says you need a beach to read a “beach read”? It is Winter and many of us are holed up inside simply trying to wait out the snow. The stress of the holidays coupled with the lack of sunlight can really start to bring you down. Instead of freezing your tail off, warm your […]

How to Practice Self-Love on the Day of Love

Love is in the air. It is the day of spreading love. Well, spreading love and eating a lot of chocolate. I don’t know about you, but I find it incredibly easy to bestow love upon others, but when it comes to myself…it’s like I have used all of the love up or something. This […]