Fun and Frugal Crafting Ideas You Can Do with Your Kids

I love doing crafts with my toddler. Crafting seems to bring out both of our creative sides! We have the opportunity to bond, learn, and even get a little messy. However, not all craft projects are designed with kids in mind and all those craft supplies…well, it can get pretty pricey! Tracey Clayton, contributing author at […]

Toddler Healthy Eating

How to Get Your Toddler to Eat Healthy Food

One thing we toddler moms stress about is how to get our toddlers to eat healthy food. Toddlers seem to have the strangest eating habits. They have the weirdest food preferences and act like cows, just wanting to graze all day. We feed them a meal and they eat two bites (maybe) and five seconds […]

Mom Losing Mind

How to Stop Losing Your Mind as a Mom

Are you a mom? Do you often feel like you are losing your mind? If you are, let’s just say…I feel you. Being a mom is awesome, but it also has its moments. Kids can be kind of crazy and couple that with a lack of sleep and well…you lose your mind. This post is […]