A Mama Blogging Tale: 5 Mistakes I Have Already Made

I began this blog almost exactly a year ago, after I published my first book. My book chronicles the story of how I became a mother. Once I finally entered into glorious motherhood, I realized that I had even more to write about! I also became a mommy blog addict while on maternity bed rest. I resolved to start my own blog and continue my passion for writing.

I started my blog on WordPress.com, picked out a cute (free) theme, and even published a few posts. Then, I did not touch my blog for nine months while I was consumed with teaching and raising a toddler simultaneously.

I missed writing. I have terrible insomnia and I am kept awake at night by the sea of words that flow through my brain. The second summer hit, I returned to my blog with a renewed passion. As is often the case with me, I jumped in with my heart instead of my head.

Instead of doing my research before I started blogging (which would make sense), I just jumped in and started writing. Passion is great, but I should have given the business of blogging more thought. Thus, I have made quite a few mistakes in my first “real” few months of blogging.

Mistake #1: Not Going “Self Hosted”

In my last post about my blogging trials and tribulations, I mentioned that I had no idea that there was a difference between WordPress.Com and WordPress.org. It is great that the .com version is free, however the .org version is only $3.45 per month. This is an investment I should have made from the very beginning.

If you are thinking about starting a blog, go on over to Blue Host and get started. It is seriously so easy. However, if you are just now figuring out that you need to make the switch, all is not lost.

If it has been longer than sixty days since you have registered your domain, you can transfer your WordPress.com domain over to Blue Host in a few simple steps.

I made the mistake of registering my domain on WordPress.com and then realizing three days later that I really need to switch to a self hosted site. I called Blue Host and was informed that I could start hosting with them immediately and transfer my domain later.

The steps in which to accomplish this task are a bit more complicated. First, you have to export all of your files on your .com site. Then, you have to change your name servers. Next, you need to not freak out and call Blue Host and/or WordPress at 2 a.m. when your site goes down. My site was down for about 48 hours. There are ways to keep your site up while the name servers “propagate”. I do not have the technological savvy or patience to follow the steps, so I browsed cute WordPress themes to purchase instead.

After everything propagates, you can install WordPress on BlueHost and import your files. From there, you can fully customize your site, which is one of the best benefits of self hosting. I need cute fonts in my life and you can even purchase those, too! 

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11 thoughts on “A Mama Blogging Tale: 5 Mistakes I Have Already Made

  1. I completely agree with #1. I wish I would’ve went straight to self hosted from the beginning! Instead you’ll just have to pay even more to get your page views and data transferred over.

    1. Yes! I caused myself so much stress over transferring everything. It would have been SO easy to go self hosted from the very beginning!

  2. These are all really great tips! I, too, am trying to be more consistent with my social media and blog as well. I’m going to try some of those PlugIns you mentioned. Love this post as a resource for the future. Best, Kali

    1. Awww…thank you! Sometimes I feel like I’ve come so far and sometimes I feel like I know nothing at all!

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