Tips for Traveling with Your Toddler to Walt Disney World

A Few Extra Toddler Disney World Tips:

You’ll find a number of play areas in each section of the parks that are a perfect way for one parent to burn off time with the littles while parents and older children ride bigger attractions. If you’ve haven’t stumbled onto one, ask the nearest Crew Member.

If you watch the parade, leave before it’s done, and exit through the buildings on Main Street. The stores flow into one another, and you can completely avoid the street crowds.

The booms from nightly fireworks are difficult for some children to handle. You can see the show and skip the noise by watching from your hotel room (with the right view).

The main resorts at Disney all have themed pools and free activities, like the hula lessons at the Polynesian. Auntie Kaui is a family favorite!

Going to Walt Disney World was an eye-opener for me, and our first trip remains one of our favorite vacations—even with our child who was so young at the time. Having toddlers doesn’t negate the benefits of traveling to “the world” with your little ones. Just plan accordingly, and set aside plenty of time for rest.

Be sure to leave any questions below, or share your own Disney World tips for traveling with toddlers in tow.
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