Carmel Family Vacation

Carmel, California: The Perfect Family Vacation (Part 1)

I thought I would continue with the travel theme this week and talk about one of my favorite places on Earth, Carmel, California. My husband, a native Las Vegan (they DO exist!) has been frequenting this locale since he was a kid. His parents discovered this little seaside gem and realized it is the perfect destination for a family vacation. 

Carmel Family Vacation

Carmel, a City of Love

My husband began squiring me away to Carmel very early on in our relationship. I fell in love…with both my husband and the town. It is quiet and peaceful, yet there is still plenty to do and see. There is also a certain amount of magic.

Calmel, California

My First Trip to Carmel

It was the peace and serenity of Carmel that we craved after being told I would most likely never bear children. My husband and I had been living together for over seven years, but were not yet married. We planned on getting married and having kids someday, but were in no major rush. All of the sudden our future did not seem as bright.

We decided to go to our happy place, Carmel. Carmel filled our fragile hearts and made us fall in love all over again. There was one thing left to do…make our love official. We had no idea what the future might hold, but we knew we would face every challenge together.


Carmel, a Wedding Destination

My husband and I tied the knot in front of the Lone Cypress Tree, a Carmel landmark. Carmel is a great place to elope! That may sound odd, seeing that I live in the marriage capital of the world, Las Vegas. However, Carmel makes it just as easy to get hitched. Our justice of the peace brought the marriage license right to the Lone Cypress!

The only thing about getting married in front of a landmark is that you cannot tell other tourists to leave. Our witnesses were a bus full of tourists vising from Japan. The weather in Carmel is mild year round, but if you plan on wearing a wedding dress and vale outdoors, be prepared to have said vale smack you in the face as you attempt to say your vows.

Wedding in Carmel 2

Ocean breezes (or gusts of wind) aside, Carmel is a great place to get married, bring your family, or travel with your fur baby. Are you ready to visit Carmel? These are my favorite tips.

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