Spooky Tales for Mummies: A Halloween Themed Reading List

Spooky Tales for “Mummies”: A Halloween Themed Reading List

It is Halloween season which means it is time to curl up with your Pumpkin Spice Latte and a great spooky tale just for “mummies”. Halloween is not just about Trick or Treating and cute little costumes. After your kids watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, it’s time for you to devour a great book along with your child’s Halloween candy! Warning: you might want to keep the lights on for these mysteries and psychological thrillers!

Spooky Tales for Mummies: A Halloween Themed Reading List

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1. Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

This book had me hooked from the very beginning and stayed with me long after I finished. Annie is abducted and held captive for over a year. The story of her time with her captor and eventual escape is harrowing. As the reader, you know that she was kidnapped and escaped from the very beginning. But you are sucked in as Annie relays the story to her psychiatrist. Most importantly, there is a twist and it is a doozy!

2. Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson

I seriously cannot believe that this suspenseful tale was the author’s first novel. Christine has extreme memory loss in which she loses her memory every time she falls asleep. She is cared for by her husband, who has the task of explaining their life to her every morning. Only, is everything her husband is telling her the truth? What happened to her to cause her to lose her memory? You may question everything and everyone you know while reading this novel and become more than a little worried before falling asleep yourself!

3. The Rise of the Governor by Robert Kirkman

Anyone else totally freaking out about the return of The Walking DeadI am completely obsessed with the show and while I know that there are comics based on the series, I do not want any spoilers! However, I am in luck! The creator, Robert Kirkman, also developed a series of novels based on the popular television how.

Before there was Neegan, the group of zombie apocalypse survivors encountered another villain of a different sort, The Governor. This first novel of the series takes you back to a time before the apocalypse and explains how the governor came to be so…nasty. In true show fashion, there is a surprise ending!

4. The Woman in Cabin 10

The main character of this mystery is not necessarily someone you might hang out with in real life. She appears to be an alcoholic battling mental illness. Thus, she is not the most reliable source as a narrator. Lo goes on a cruise for her job (not a bad gig!) She swears she sees a woman being tossed overboard on the first night, but nobody believes her! I am not saying you should or should not believe her, but you will at least have fun trying to solve this mystery along with her.

5. Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica

Heidi is always one to help someone in need, but she shocks her husband and daughter when she brings home a young woman and her four-month-old infant one day. Is this young woman dangerous or are Heidi’s motives not as pure as they seem? This is not a fast-paced thriller. Rather the author slowly unravels the plot like slowly removing a wayward thread from an old sweater…or baby blanket.

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20 thoughts on “Spooky Tales for “Mummies”: A Halloween Themed Reading List

    1. It was pretty good! The main character is a bit neurotic and I did predict the ending, but I loved it for a light read when life feels stressful!

    1. Me too! You have to read TWD one! It is so well written and makes the governor’s behavior kind of make sense! The twist at the end is awesome, too.

    1. Some are kind of scary, but some are more intellectually suspenseful. If you like a mystery, but not being scared, Gemma Holliday writes a series of fun “high heels” mysteries. They are kind of like Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series where you laugh while trying to solve the “mystery”. Thank you reading and taking the time to comment!

  1. You made me want to read just about all these books! I’ll get to them, right after the 20 books that are already (and have been for a year) on my list … I’ve read Wicked and I loved it. I actually like the Wicked Witch of the West now, haha. I’ve seen Maze Runner, but I didn’t realize it was a book! Too bad it’s kind of spoiled for me . . . But the book is always better than the movie anyway.

    1. I know! My “To Read” list is always way too long! Both Wicked and The Maze Runner are part of a series. Son of a Witch was good, but I was not as into the other books. The Maze Runner is a great series (minus the prequel). I have not seen the movie, but the whole series is really good!

    1. Stop what you are doing right now and go watch!! I am still reeling from the season premier! I need to read the rest of the governor series and check out the comics. The first book of the governor series has such a great twist!

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