How not to toss all your cookies when pregnant

Pregnant? How to Not Toss ALL of Your Cookies

You can call it something cute like “tossing your cookies” or “praying to the porcelain gods”, but there is nothing pretty about morning sickness while pregnant. While I am talking about things that are not so aptly named, there is no such thing as “morning” sickness. This state of nausea is never confined to just the morning. It should be called “all-day and all-night sickness”.

I referred to my morning sickness as “epic” because that is exactly what it was. I could go from zero to heaving my guts out in no time flat. There is no point in trying to deny it, sometimes I did not make it to the target. One is not exactly quick or light on their feet while pregnant. For some, morning sickness comes to welcome end at the conclusion of the first trimester. I would have a few weeks here and there of reprieve and then…BAM! Those cookies did not want to stay in my belly.

Thankfully, I did survive morning sickness without completely losing my mind or tossing ALL of my cookies. I am not a doctor, so if you are suffering from pervasive morning sickness, please be sure to talk to your doctor about possible solutions. My doctor did offer several different medications for me to try, but I prefer to take the “all natural” route. These natural remedies to helped me and I hope they can help you, too!

Pregnant Morning Sickness Remedies

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1. Stay hydrated

There are several benefits to drinking half your body weight in water. One, your body is working hard growing a tiny human from scratch and water helps all ease the strain. Two, that little life is growing in a watery home inside of your belly and keeping up your fluid intake is like hiring an interior decorator that specializes in liquid wallpaper. Read more here about how amazing water is for your baby’s water-filled apartment.

Finally, morning sickness is extremely dehydrating. Water may not sound like the best invention when you are getting sick, but you will thank yourself later for pumping those fluids. Dehydration can lead to headaches which can lead to even more nausea. No, thank you!

2. Buy stock in ginger

Okay, you do not have to literally buy stock in ginger. I am fairly certain that does not even exist. However, you do want to keep ginger handy at all times. These are my gingery favorites:

  • Vernor’s Ginger Ale– This is the best ginger ale ever invented. No other ginger ale will do. Maybe it is because this delightfully spicy soda is manufactured in Michigan, my birth place, but I happen to think that it just simply the best. If you have not tried this amazing beverage, you are truly missing out. Seriously, go tell the hubby you need Vernor’s right NOW!

  • Ginger Juice– Okay, raw ginger juice may not sound particularly appetizing, but it settles your poor tummy within minutes. I like to juice it along with other fruits and veggies in my juicer. This is a great way to get your ginger fix while adding some extra fruits and veggies to your diet. You may discover that citrus fruits are too acidic while suffering morning sickness, so the recipe below should be gentle on your tender belly. It is also FULL of vitamins!

Carrot Ginger Juice for Morning Sickness

  • Candied Ginger Chews– If you crave something that is both spicy and sweet while pregnant, these little treats are perfect. Plus, you can take them with you when you are on-the-go. Morning sickness knows no bounds or time constraints, so it is awfully handy to have these snacks nearby at all times. I sampled quite a few varieties while pregnant, but these ones from Trader Joe’s are my favorite.

3. Eat well-balanced meals and snack regularly

An empty stomach is like a catalyst for nausea. Conversely, a too-full belly can lead to indigestion and heartburn, which can also lead to nausea…in my experience. The key is to eat small well-balanced meals.

I am sorry to be the one to burst any bubbles, but you are not really “eating for two” when pregnant. According to What to Expect, you do not need any additional calories in the first trimester. In the second trimester, you need about 300 extra calories. Finally, in trimester three, you can load up on an extra 500 calories per day.

I found that snacks that included carbohydrates, like crackers or pretzels, or something cold like a fruit smoothie or popsicle really kept my morning sickness at bay. Oddly enough, sometimes snacking on something sour made my tummy feel less…sour. Drinking lemon water or eating a lime popsicle stopped me from doing the hoakey croaky.

Out of my mommy friends, we all had very unique pregnancy cravings and gained weight in totally different ways. I craved spinach and edamame like nobody’s business and had trouble gaining weight guessed it! Keeping those cookies (spinach flavored cookies?) down was pretty nearly impossible.

If you are concerned that you are not gaining enough or gaining too much, talk to your doctor. My doctor made me drink those nasty protein shakes they give to body builders. The flavor was some kind of combination of chalk and pure funk. I am pretty certain I puked more, but doctor’s orders, right?

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16 thoughts on “Pregnant? How to Not Toss ALL of Your Cookies

  1. I had it like clock work on the way to work every single day with my daughter. I’d have to pull over just before we got to the day care for her brothers. She was the only one I had it with, but I remember it well. 😉

    1. Congratulations!!! I hope you feel better soon! My doctor gave me a prenatal vitamin that included B6 and it really helped. I don’t know if it is officially on the market yet, but you may want to ask your doctor. Hang in there, Mama!

  2. Lol! OK, not really, but I totally would have if Doll wasn’t asleep beside me 🙂 You have a great “voice,” very enjoyable to read. You’re probably going to hate me for this but … I never got morning sickness *ducking while rotten tomatoes are thrown at my head* but I know better than to pass up good knowledge when it’s right in front of me!

  3. I was fortunate – I didn’t have much morning sickness with my pregnancies. I only threw up once total with both. But, I did have terrible heartburn – especially after eating anything containing tomatoes. That problem has stayed with me, even after having my babies!
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  4. Eating healthy is so important! I never considered ginger juice as something that would help with morning sickness. My friend is currently going through the whole pregnancy-experience so I’ll send this post to her!

  5. Tried the Nevasic app? Nothing to swallow – no side effects – used to be sold by the National Childbirth Trust as “MorningWell” on a CD.

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