A Mama Tale of October: Blog Traffic Report

I love the month of October. The air finally turns crisp and all you want to do is cuddle, watch football, and drink hot apple cider. I absolutely love this time of year, but it is also crazy busy! This month I had quite a few successes and quite a few failures when it came to my blog traffic!

Personally, October was a great month in many ways. Quite a few of my family members have October birthdays and we did a lot of celebrating. Plus, there is Halloween! Who doesn’t love Halloween!

We began a few family traditions this month like visiting the apple orchard and pumpkin patch. They were great learning opportunities for my daughter and wonderful bonding experiences for us as a family, as life sometimes gets in our way!

As a teacher, this month kicked my bootie. Normally, it is supposed to be better after the first month of school because you have settled into a routine. My routine appears to be to work myself to the bone. I learned a very important lesson this month and I even blogged about it. I am a mom (and teacher) and I can’t do it all!

October Blog Traffic Report

October Traffic

October Goals
  • Blog Page Views: 2,500
  • Twitter Followers: 4,000
  • Pinterest Followers: 1,000
  • Facebook Page Likes: 250
  • Earn First Affiliate Dollar Through Amazon
  • Write 10 Blog Posts
October Traffic Results
  • Blog Page Views: 2,200 Nay!
  • Twitter Followers: 4,460 (Up from 3,324 in September) Yay!
  • Pinterest Followers: 967 (Up from 628 in September) Nay! But Close!
  • Facebook Page Likes: 395 (Up from 205 in September) Yay!
  • Earn First Affiliate Dollar Through Amazon Yay! $1.06 to be exact! Woohoo! 
  • Write 10 Blog Posts Yay!
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Blog Traffic: What Worked in October

1. Finding My Tribe/Participating in Facebook Groups

I cannot say enough great things about Find Your Tribe Online (affiliate link) by Jen Snyder. She is always adding new Facebook groups and Pinterest Group boards. This month she added an entire section for craft bloggers! I love crafting! By purchasing FYTO, you also get exclusive access to Jen’s Facebook group where she answers all of your blogging questions and encourages you to become a woman who wins online!

Finding your tribe is really the modern-day way of networking. You meet other people who share your passion and goals. These are the people who will share your posts and give you encouraging feedback when your mom and husband are tired of doing it!

2. Creating multiple Pinterest images per post

I am currently receiving the most traffic from Facebook, but Pinterest, for the first month, is a very close second. Some days, I receive exponentially more traffic from Pinterest than any other source.

As last month, I am continuously participating in group boards and using Boardbooster to automate my pins. This has saved me quite a bit of precious time! For the group boards, I manually repin my fellow group board members pins. One, I am still trying to “find my brand” and I love looking at how other bloggers have branded their pins. Secondly, I use the pins to click-through to their blog posts. I get to learn a little more and they get the benefit of some increased page views!

Pinterest traffic for me really began to take off once I began creating at least two images per post. You may not know this, but we teachers just love to analyze data! Creating two images has allowed me to test which images generate the most traffic. For example, take a look at these two graphics for my post, Mom Guilt No More! 5 Things I Will Not Apologize For!

Mom Guilt No More

No More Mom Guilt

Can you guess which graphic has received more repins? If you guessed the second one, you are correct! In one of my Facebook groups, Limelighters, one of the weekly threads is to brainstorm an alternate title for your blog post. The goal is to think outside the box. I came up with this alternate title “Eat cake, not your feelings” and I am happy to say, people “got it”.

3. The ONE thing I did that grew ALL of my social media accounts

I gained over a thousand followers on Twitter, over 300 followers on Pinterest, and doubled my Facebook page likes. What did I do? It is so simple, you will not believe it. Ready for it?

I changed my profile picture. That is it. I was receiving a trickle of new followers per day on Pinterest. After an initial boom in September, things were slowing down. Then, I changed my profile picture and received over one hundred followers in just a few days.

This was my old profile picture:


Cute, right? There is me, the hubby, my daughter, and even my beagle, Gracie! We are even all looking at the camera! This is still one of my faves, but I changed my picture to this:

Head Shot Profile Pic

It’s just me. Okay, to be honest, my daughter is actually standing on my feet in this picture, just out of the shot. To test whether the picture made a difference, I changed my profile picture on Twitter and on my Facebook Page. Same effect! Literally hundreds of followers in a matter of days.

I have heard many state the importance of including head shot for your business pages. My assumption is that people like to be able to look you in the eyes. It is the only explanation I have, but it makes sense. People want to look at you and put a face with a name. Pictures that are at a distance or even of your cute little ones do not show whom is behind that screen. I am totally curious if anyone has noticed the same effect!

To find out what totally failed and what you should NEVER do as a blogger, scroll down and click the next page!

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