Christmas Gifts for Dad

What to Get the Guy Who Has Everything This Christmas

Santa Claus is coming to town. In fact, he will be here before you know it. But the big guy might need a few on ideas on what to get for the guy who has everything. You might call him “Hubby”, “Sweetie”, or “Hot Stuff”. He may alternatively be called “Dad” or “Dada”.

It appears this guy has everything. Adoring wife, cute kids, maybe even a pet or two. He is easily pleased by a juicy burger, a cold beer, and a ballgame. So, how do you blow his Christmas socks off this holiday season? I have a few ideas that are perfect for that special guy in your life who has everything.

What to Get the Guy Who Has Everything

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Give the Gift of an Old Hobby

You can never go wrong with getting your guy something that he will actually enjoy and use! Does he like playing golf, watching sports, or holding backyard barbecues? I know what you are thinking. But, Brittany, I already got my man his favorite jersey/new golf club/grilling tools! If you did not do this, start here! However, if you need a fresh take on an old hobby, read on!

The way to leave a lasting impression this holiday season is to give the gift of experience rather than material goods. Instead of a new putter, give Dad a lesson or two with a Golf Pro. You can find great deals on Groupon for this! A round of golf at his favorite golf course would be another great gift.

Is your guy a sports nut? Attending a professional game can get pricey, but the new rage is dynamic pricing of professional sporting events. This means that Game 7 of the World Series or NFL playoff games are still going to cost a small (or large) fortune. However, games that are held on a weeknight or early in the season are going to be far cheaper. You could even wait as the date approaches before buying because the price may significantly drop! It is a bit of a gamble, but a great way for your man to see his favorite team play.

If your man is a foodie, instead of buying him a new cover for his backyard grill, treat him to a meal out at a trendy, new restaurant. Or try several by going to one place for appetizers, one for dinner, and one for dessert. Like a pub crawl, but for the gourmet food lover. You could also buy him a cookbook for Christmas and plan a date night at home where you tackle the recipe of his choice together.

These ideas are all about having an experience rather than gifting a material good. Why not give him something that he will always keep in his mind? Don’t you want it there instead of something that will end up in the garage collecting dust? Now, we know Dad’s a really big kids at heart, so they still want to open something at Christmas. Try one of the FREE printables I made below and wrap it in the largest box you can find. Keep those boys on their toes!

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