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The Top 5 Gifts to Give a Toddler Mom

A toddler mom is special kind of creature. We are exhausted, yet more creative and resourceful than one could imagine. Toddler moms are on call 24/7 for emergencies both big and small. Honestly, toddler moms are more like super heroes than ordinary humans. So, what do you get these mystical beasts we call “toddler moms” for the holidays?

The Top 5 Gifts to Give a Toddler Mom

1. Give the gift of sleep

Even super heroes need time to rest and recover. This could not be more true for toddler moms. For some reason, toddlers themselves abhor sleep. They run amok all day and cry sometimes from pure exhaustion. However, when it is nap time or bed time, all of the sudden they are awake and ready for action.

Toddler moms do their best to wrangle these little beasts into bed. The bedtime process often takes hours. This time is like the toddler mom’s kryptonite. She is weakened and weakened until she is passed out on the floor covered in bed time stories rather than blankets.

Passing out from exhaustion is not restful sleep. Toddler moms need real sleep. If toddler moms get real sleep, they can rule the world. Here are some ways you can give the gift of sleep:

  • Offer to babysit the beast..ahem…toddler while mom takes a nap.
  • Take over the bedtime routine and let mom go to bed early.
  • Set your alarm for the middle of the night, so you can intercept the toddler’s midnight wake up call.
  • Grab the toddler to help you make breakfast while mom sleeps in. Bonus points for breakfast in bed and cleaning up!
  • Take the toddler to the park/zoo/circus in attempts of wearing him/her out enough to finally sleep.

2. Give the gift of cloning

Toddler moms are masters of trying to “do it all”, but sometimes it is just impossible. What a toddler mom really needs is a clone. With a clone, a toddler mom can divide her “To Do” list in half. Oooo…or if there were multiple clones?!? We could divide up the list to where it could be actually manageable!

If a toddler mom had a clone, at least one could have their hair washed. Perhaps even wear a little makeup? There would be clean, non-stained clothes. Maybe one of the clones could wear something that does not have an elastic waistband! Oh, the possibilities! In lieu of cloning technology, here are some things you can do that might be just as awesome:

  • Offer to do the grocery shopping…bonus if you bring her toddler!
  • Do a load of laundry for the toddler mom. This means washing, drying, folding, and putting away. Just to be clear.
  • Hire an hour or two of housekeeping services (This is what Santa would do!)
  • Cook a meal and do the dishes.
  • Bathe and dress the toddler while mom does her hair and puts on makeup…even if you are just staying in for a Netflix marathon.
5 Gifts for Toddler Moms

 3. Give the gift of coffee

Have you ever wondered why moms are always going on and on about coffee? I mean, if you are a mom, you know. But, for the rest of you, allow me to explain. Coffee is our lifeblood. It is how we survive the day. After yet another night of being awakened by a toddler who wants to give me a fun fact like “Olaf is cold because he is a snowman,” coffee is a necessity.

When I drag myself out of bed, there is one and only thing that motivates me to put one foot in front of the other. Coffee. Now, here’s the thing. It has to be good coffee. The cheap stuff will do in a caffeine crutch, like say, there was a zombie apocalypse and it is all you have. However, if all is right in the world, you better have some darn good coffee for this mama.

I could drive to Starbucks or Coffee Bean every morning, but ain’t nobody got time for those lines. You need quality coffee house coffee at home and for that you must turn to George Clooney. If George Clooney says that Nespresso is good, you better believe that it is. And if you don’t believe him, believe me. This stuff is the bomb diggity.

Right now the best coffee maker ever is on sale for $160 (regularly $250) on Amazon. It even comes with a milk frother that will froth your milk for hot or iced drinks in less than 90 seconds. It is seriously the best invention ever.

*The link below is an affiliate link to Amazon. There is no additional cost to you for using my link, but I may make a small commission.


I have yet to try a flavor of this coffee that I don’t like, but you could order this sampler to taste test. My favorites are Stormio, Giornio, Hazelino, and the new Pumpkin Spice for coffee. I love the Diavolitto for espresso. Seriously. Best. Coffee. EVER.

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