A Mama Tale November Blog Traffic

November Blog Traffic Report: The Good, the Great, and the Nasty

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. That was November here at A Mama Tale. This was a busy month! I was able to implement several of my goals and more importantly, create content that I am proud of. However, I was also faced with a new and unexpected situation as a blogger that was downright nasty.

November Blog Traffic Report

November Blog Traffic: The Good

I hit or came super, duper close to reaching several of my November goals. If only November had thirty-one days! That is the story of my life. Willing there to be more time in the day or days in the month. I need an invention to freeze time or at least get me a really good clone.

November Goals:

  • Blog Page Views: 2,500 Close! 2,440 But, this may be a good thing! Find out why below!
  • Twitter Followers: 5,000 Close! 4,842
  • Pinterest Followers: 1,200 Yay! 1,286 
  • Facebook Page Likes: 450 Yay! 473
  • Earn Second Affiliate Dollar Through Amazon Yay! $9.74
  • Write 10 Blog Posts (On a consistent schedule!) Yay! 10 exactly!

November Goals Analysis:

Blog Page Views

I did not reach my 2,500-page view goal, but after looking into my Google Analytics. I realized that this may not be a bad thing. To be honest, I am a complete novice at using Google Analytics, but I am a teacher and thus have a strange love of data. I have been doing some investigating into bounce rates.

Bounce rates are the percentage of single page visits before a user “bounces” on to someplace else. For a more technical explanation, click here. It is fairly common for a blog to have a high bounce rate. For example, a retail website might have a bounce rate of 20-40%. However, a blog may have a bounce rate of 70-90%. Basically, blog readers want their info and they want it now. Then, they are gonna bounce.

My bounce rate for the month of November was 74.26%. When I looked a little more closely, however, I saw that some of my posts and pages have bounce rates of 49% and one even has a bounce rate of 33%! This means that people are spending time reading what I have written!

Furthermore, an average reader on my site reads two of my blog posts! Can I tell you the joy that this brings me? Maybe I do not have a flood of visitors coming to visit me (yet!), but my readers are coming to visit and staying at least a little while. Like Monica Geller, I love being a good hostess. If people are visiting and enjoying my writing, I honestly cannot ask for more.

Social Media

I hard time focusing on Twitter this month. Instead, I directed the majority of my attention to Pinterest. One, I am rather addicted to Pinterest as I am a visual learner. I love gathering recipes, crafts, and of course, pins related to blogging to further my education as a newbie.

Pinterest has also been driving the majority of the traffic to my site for the first time this month. Previously, I received the majority of my traffic from Facebook, but Pinterest has taken the lead. I discovered a very nifty trick for adding pinnable images to my blog posts. First of all, if you have not yet investigated Canva, go there now. You can create all kinds of pins and infographics for your site for free!

I am thoroughly addicted to creating pins for my site, but too many images can affect your site speed (another Google Analytics fun fact!) So, I have begun creating multiple images for my posts, but hiding some of the images with the nifty trick below. This way, when someone wants to pin an image, they can click the “pin it” button and choose which image speaks to them!

How to hide images in blog posts for Pinterest

Scroll down and click the next page to read about the GREAT things that happened on the blog in November including how I made MONEY from several affiliate sources!

18 thoughts on “November Blog Traffic Report: The Good, the Great, and the Nasty

  1. This post is very helpful for me! And also inspiring. I’m so happy for your that you reached or exceeded so many of your goals!!! I actually wrote down my goals for November . . . but then I lost them. I don’t think I reached any of them, but considering that life is life, I’m ok with that (for now).
    Jaclyn Bree recently posted…Sock Snowman DecorationsMy Profile

    1. I love that “life is life”, so true! It definitely helps me to have goals to work towards, but I try to keep them attainable and something I can actually make happen. I know I am small potatoes, but it feels good to celebrate even small wins! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Becoming an Amazon affiliate is really easy. There are a lot of affiliate programs out there, but I use Amazon all the time. ALL the time. Haha. You could add a link to your Elf on the Shelf posts! Let me know if I can help!

  2. Congratulations on the blogging goals you’ve achieved thus far! That’s exciting!! I need to do a better job of traffic my traffic and social media stats. The numbers are there! lol I just need to be more in-tuned to what’s happening with them! 🙂 Looking forward to returning soon and seeing what other big goals you’ve accomplished! 🙂

  3. I love love love that you do this! I appreciate how you show all your numbers because this is so encouraging to me as a blogger who is really trying to grow. I love that you beat so many of your goals, that means you’re gonna kill it for December. Great job, sharing this now!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m a teacher, but really I’m a student who tries to learn from my own mistakes. I have definitely not figured this all out yet, but I am learning a lot! Good luck to you, as well!

  4. I love your positive attitude! Well done for all your achievements, so good when you create goals and manage to achieve them, you must feel so proud of yourself ☺️ Keep going! Tishhlah x

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