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How to Inspire Girls to Make Their Dreams Come True

I know a little something about having a dream and wishing desperately for it to come true. My dreams have always centered around helping others. My degree is in Psychology and I have already enjoyed a long career as a teacher. Best of all, I got to be a mom. Accomplishing every one of these dreams has been no easy feat and I spend every day being eternally grateful.

As a mom, it is important for me to instill the belief within my daughter that she can do anything and become anyone she wants to be. There is no mountain too high or dream too big. I want her to know that she can do anything she sets her mind to, but that also dreams take work.

Fairy Tales

My daughter is entranced by all things princess. She loves all of the Disney favorites- Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, Belle, and Cinderella. These princesses are beautiful and magical, but they are not real. I love the stories and songs as much as the next mom, but I also want my daughter to idolize real women. The ones who work hard and achieve their dreams against all odds.

What if there were a series of books dedicated to these real heroines whose stories are as enchanting as they are inspirational? The diverse team of women, Jimena, Andrea, and Chiara have managed to create this very thing. Queen Girls is a series of books dedicated to turning stories of real women into fairy tales.

Queen Girls

The team of amazing creative talents behind Queen Girls has been working feverishly to create this series of books. They asked me to take a look at the first book, Bessie, Queen of the Sky. I have no affiliation with Queen Girls, I simply fell in love with their mission.

Let’s be honest. Very often, amazing women do not receive the credit or the accolades they deserve. It has happened throughout history and unfortunately, it still happens today. Young girls need to hear about incredible women. Even better, they need to read stories about women who have achieved their fairy tale dreams come true in real life.

Bessie, Queen of the Sky

Bessie Coleman

Bessie Coleman was the first African-American woman to earn a pilot’s license. She applied to numerous flight schools in the United States and was rejected. Instead of allowing herself to become defeated, she taught herself French and moved to France to attend flight school.

Bessie's Adventure Begins

The book emphasizes the importance of hard work. Dreams are not realized overnight. Bessie had to travel halfway around the world to try to realize her dream of becoming a pilot! She was told “no” a lot. There were many people who did not believe in her. These are real life lessons that little girls will encounter at one point in their lives or another.

There is no prince coming to rescue Bessie from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Instead, the book shows that Bessie studies hard and never gives up. She does not rely upon a fairy godmother. Instead, she relies upon her own inner strength.

Through hard work and determination, Bessie realizes her dream of becoming a pilot. This is something that the real woman did and it is beautifully captured in the illustrations throughout the book. The illustrations are whimsical and colorful and maintain that “fairy tale like” quality that all little girls love.

Bessie, Queen of the Sky

This book is as amazing as the real Bessie Coleman. Young girls will see a character that they can relate to and a message that they can achieve. Girls can do anything. Women are role models. Dreams really can come true.

How You Can Help Queen Girls Realize Their Dreams

Queen Girls have this amazing story filled with beautiful illustrations and their dream is to get these books into the hands of young girls…everywhere. They began with a campaign on Kickstarter and were able to surpass their goals, but like the princesses they portray, these women want to reach for the stars and DO MORE!

There is a new campaign on IndieGoGo and you can pledge in a number of ways that can help girls all over the world read this amazing book.

Queen Girls Pledges

What I love about this campaign is that you can buy a book for your little princess AND donate a book to another young girl in need of a little magic. As a teacher, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting books into the hands of kids. Speaking of being a teacher, this book lends itself to fabulous lessons for the classroom that could incorporate both literacy and history.

If you think this story and this effort sounds amazing, visit the Queen Girls website and join the campaign! They are already planning the next books in the series that will feature other inspiring and real women.

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Queen Girls

Queen Girls Infographic
What dreams do you have for your daughters? What do you think of the Queen Girls and their mission? Please comment and share below!

13 thoughts on “How to Inspire Girls to Make Their Dreams Come True

  1. I love this whole concept! Fairy tales are beautiful and open up the world of fantasy and dreams for the little ones. They are fun! As stated, they are not meant to be reality! Showing how women have put their dreams into motion with hard work and determination is so inspiring! It takes a lot of perseverance to go around the many obstacles thrown their way! Decide want you want, learn what it takes to get there, and Go, Go, Go!!! Remember you can still be kind and compassionate also, but keep your eye on your goal. Little girls need to know that they can take care of themselves when they grow up and be very successful, without depending on anyone else! This is great!!

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