Blog Traffic Explode

How to Make Your Blog Traffic Explode with a Viral Post

My blog traffic in January exploded! I have been writing blog post feverishly in the middle of the night for months now. My traffic has been steadily growing every month. Every new blogger crosses their fingers and wishes for the day that their blog really begins to take off. For me, I know that nothing in life comes without hard work, but a little luck never hurts!

How to Make Your Blog Traffic Explode

How to Make Your Blog Traffic Explode

I will definitely share how and why I think one of my posts went viral. This definitely helped my blog traffic this month, but my tried and true strategies also continued to drive new readers to my site. These strategies also help me keep the readers I have. You always want to make people want to come back for more!

January Blog Traffic: What Worked

1. Facebook Groups

I am in over one hundred Facebook groups that are other blogging or parenting related. Words cannot express how indebted I feel to my fellow members of these groups. These are whom you go to with all of the blogging questions that plague you. And when you have a big win? These are the people that “get” it and will offer their sincere praise and congratulations.

I found my fellow bloggers through Jen Snyder’s Find Your Tribe Online. You may absolutely do a Facebook search of blogging groups, but through FYTO, you have a ready-made list of Facebook groups in your niche.

You have to know your niche. Through these Facebook groups, you have the opportunity to share your work with other bloggers. You take turns sharing and commenting on each other’s posts. It is a bit like homework. If you want other people to read and share your post, you must take the time to read and share theirs. This process is actually very enjoyable and educational if you are reading about topics that actually interest you!

For example, I love reading other blogger’s posts on parenting. I can learn from their experiences or laugh out loud because I have found myself in a very similar situation. You would find me reading, pinning, and sharing other parenting blogger’s posts even if I was not a blogger!

I am not a beauty or fashion blogger. Don’t get me wrong, I find beauty and fashion…well, beautiful. However, I cannot really provide any valuable input when my makeup consists of lip balm and my wardrobe is full of sweatpants. Through FYTO, I leave the beauty and fashion to the experts while I eagerly seek yet another article about toddler and their antics.

Find Your Tribe Online

*I am an affiliate for Find Your Tribe online and do receive a commission should you decide to purchase the program. I 100% believe in this product and thank my lucky stars I found it!

2. Pinterest

*The following contains referral and/or affiliate links. There is no additional cost to you, but I may earn referral credit or a small commission for the use of my link.

Pinterest is where it is at, people. The best part about Pinterest is that you can automate it! I use Boardbooster to pin my own pins on group boards. Boardbooster figures out how and when to pin. It knows how to rotate my pins amongst group boards.

All I have to do is select my board of origin and the group boards I want to pin to. I vary the frequency of pinning depending on the rules and engagement of the target group boards. For example, some group boards and are comprised of very active pinners. Other boards are smaller and pinned to less frequently. I try to schedule my pins accordingly.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

The second scheduling tool I use that I have finally figured out is Tailwind. It took me quite a while to get on this bandwagon, mostly because I loved Boardbooster so much. However, I encountered a problem. Boardbooster is amazing for scheduling my own pins, but I was live pinning all of the pins of others. I like to pin the pins of others at a ratio of 3:1 of mine…at least. So, if I pin one pin to a group board, I like to pin three or four pins from that group board to mine.

I like to pin the pins of others at a ratio of 3:1 of mine…at least. So, if I pin one of my pins to a group board, I like to pin three or four pins from that group board to my boards. This ends up being a lot of time spent pinning every day! Now, I schedule all of my pins on Tailwind from my group boards on Sundays. It takes about an hour and then I am done for the week!

Confession. Despite these amazing scheduling tools, I still live pin! I love Pinterest! The visual nature of Pinterest is very appealing to me. If a picture or title captures my attention, I click on the link. I imagine other pinners feel the same way, which is why Pinterest is such a fabulous way to get traffic to your blog!

3. A Tale of a Viral Post

There I was, plugging along with my blog this month and all of the sudden I noticed that my traffic started to double. I looked through my statistics on WordPress and saw that I was receiving quite a bit of traffic from Huffington Post. TWO of my posts had apparently gone viral!

I wrote How to Parent a Child with a Sensitive Heart right after Christmas. On Christmas Day, my daughter took nearly eight hours to open her gifts. She was so concerned about giving each gift and each giver of the gift equal love and attention. I watched her agonize about moving on to another gift in fear of hurting the previous gift’s feelings.

I always knew she was a sweetheart and I love that she is compassionate and empathetic. However, it broke my heart to watch her fret and worry. I realized that her sensitive heart is what makes her who she is, but she needed some guidance on how to cope with her feelings and reduce her worry. Thus, my post.

Thank You, Huffington Post!

I submitted my post to Huffington Post using their contributor platform. You can submit your original posts on their site, but there is no guarantee that anyone will see it. I have no idea how the staff at Huffington Post decided upon which submissions to promote, but I sure do love getting tagged in one of their tweets!

I submitted this post on December 29th and did start seeing traffic for several weeks. It now has almost six thousand likes on Facebook. On January 4th, I submitted my post on Why We Absolutely Need to Stop Mom Shaming. This post now has almost four thousand likes on Facebook!

I highly recommend submitting your favorite blog posts to Huffington Post and just see what happens! It is the same philosophy as using Facebook Groups and Pinterest. You want to get your words out there. You never know who might read them!

Thank You, Scary Mommy!
Scary Mommy
 When I received an email from an editor at Scary Mommy asking if I would be willing to syndicate my post with them, I totally geeked out! Then, I cried. Scary Mommy is the pinnacle of mommy blogging. I love their site and have been following their articles forever.
My How to Parent a Child with a Sensitive Heart post when live on January 31st. In just a day, the feedback has been amazing. The best part about being a blogger and putting your stories out there is when you hear that you have actually helped someone. It is why I write these posts in the middle of the night instead of sleeping!
How to Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

*There are, of course, no guarantees that if you do all of the following that your post will go viral. Luck is definitely a component, but hopeful these suggestions will set you up for success!

  • Write a post from your heart. When you put your heart and soul into your writing, it shows. People can feel your love and passion for what you are writing about it.
  • Write about what you know. Show your expertise! What are you really good at? Show it off! Readers want to learn from you, so teach!
  • Be clear. Compose a great title so that potential visitors know exactly what they will get by clicking on your post. Stay on topic throughout your posts. I tell my students all of the time. “Make your point and stick to it!”
  • Get your words out there! Share, share, share. Then, share again. Nobody is going to read your post if they do not know it is out there.
  • Network. You know the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? Completely true! Join Facebook and Pinterest Groups. Follow your favorite bloggers. Talk to them and ask questions. Networking with your blogging community will help you learn and grow.

January Blog Traffic Goals Recap

  • Blog Page Views: 2,700 Yay! Actual: 4,103!
  • Twitter Followers: 5,250 Yay! Actual: 5,664
  • Pinterest Followers: 1,750 Yay! Actual: 2,076
  • Facebook Page Likes: 500 Yay! Actual: 535
  • Write 10 Blog Posts Yay! 10 Exactly!
  • Create my automated email campaign. Nay…but, I did send my first monthly email. It’s a start!
  • Purchase Jen Synder’s 30-Day Marketing Plan Nay, sorry Jen! I blame report cards! I really want to check this out though!
  • Use Boardbooster and Tailwind to automate Pinterest! Yay! Love, love, love!

February Blog Traffic Goals

  • Blog Page Views: 3,350- Okay, January has been a great month, but can I sustain it? So, I am taking the average of the last two months and rolling the dice on a short month!
  • Twitter Followers: 5,750
  • Pinterest Followers: 2,250
  • Facebook Page Likes: 550
  • Write 10 Blog Posts
  • Finish Media Kit: I have some really great companies reach out to me and ask me to review their product/service or guest post on my site. I reached out to my fellow bloggers and received some awesome advice about how to create a media kit when working with different brands. More information to come!
How did you fair in January? What tips do you have for driving blog traffic or creating a viral post? Please comment and share below!
How to Make Your Blog Traffic Explode
How to Make Your Blog Traffic Explode with a Viral Post


14 thoughts on “How to Make Your Blog Traffic Explode with a Viral Post

  1. Unfortunately, if it were that easy to write a viral blog post, we’d all have crazy viral blog posts. Yes, certain strategies increase the likelihood of creating viral content, but it’s impossible to predict which content is going to go viral. I’m sure you have multiple blog posts that are just as good as the two that have done really well thus far that have a fraction of the views.
    Rose recently posted…2017 Goals Update: JanuaryMy Profile

    1. Rose, what you say is so true. I actually updated my post with a disclaimer that says these strategies are no guarantee! There is still quite a bit of luck involved. I have several posts that I loved and the response was rather “meh”. Haha! Thank you so much for your feedback.

    1. Thank you so much! I feel so new, too! Most things I am learning the hard way, so if I can offer anything that can help someone else be more efficient, I will do it! I am sure you will do great with your blog! I love the name “Mom Blah”. That is great!

    1. Yes, I agree about being hit or miss, Katie! Congratulations on all of your success! Did you find that it was hard to keep up the momentum? As I was setting my goals, I just was not sure if I can keep it up!

    1. Thank you so much, Nicole! I loved Boardbooster right away, but I had to learn to love Tailwind. I tried the free version and was totally confused. Then, I watched their videos and did some live chatting with some of the staff over there and I realized it is actually easier than I thought. I think it just seemed so overwhelming at first. I highly recommend their step-by-step videos! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. It is very appreciated!

  2. Well done you! Whilst I have not had a personal blog myself that was purely about me, i have worked on affliate blogs and clients sites. The huffington post one sounds great. Blogging about things you love and have a passion for works a whole lot more than randomly blogging with the hope of getting rich!

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