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There is a saying that says, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Let’s just say that as a teacher, I know a thing or two about preparation. I spend quite a bit of time researching standards, developing lesson plans, and creating engaging lessons for my students.

In fact, I was preparing lessons for my students when Ashleigh from Twinkl reached out to me and asked me to check out their site. It was just the stroke of luck I was looking for. Twinkl is a website full of educational resources created by teachers!

*Twinkl has provided me with a free six-month subscription to their site in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Twinkl Educational Resources for Parents and Teachers

Teacher-Created Resources

There is nobody who understands what educational resources kids need better than teachers. The problem is that we teachers are often provided with materials that may meet a particular learning standard, but are boring. Sometimes I look at curriculum and begin to yawn.

We, teachers, know that it is all about student buy-in. If a task looks fun, kids will want to do it. The teacher-created resources on Twinkl have this concept in mind. These resources are visually appealing and colorful. There are great printables, but even better…there are plenty of hands-on resources. One of the best teacher tricks for getting kids learning is to encourage them to get their hands dirty!

Resources for Little Kids

Yes, I am a teacher, but I am also a mom of a toddler. I have been an elementary school teacher for years, but teaching my own child…well, that is a little bit different. Twinkl has a variety of resources for parents of toddlers to use at home. Is it ever too early to start learning?

Baby to Age 2

I cannot begin to explain what a difference the use of baby sign language has made in my life. In fact, I may have mentioned that it saved my life, but it is also so much fun! Guess what? Twinkl has resources for baby sign language! They even have videos!

Twinkl Baby Sign Language

Twinkl Baby Sign Language Video

Need some sensory play ideas for your toddler? Twinkl has that, too! Sensory play is so important because it stimulates all of your child’s senses. It helps them interact with and explore their world. I love doing themed sensory bins with my toddler. While she explores using her senses of sight, smell, and touch, I get to introduce all sorts of new vocabulary.

For example, I mentioned this Valentine’s Day themed sensory tub that I love to do with my toddler. I include flowers, red and pink pom poms, and even whipped cream. Twinkl has sensory tub ideas for Valentine’s Day and every other holiday and season!

Twinkl Sensory Play

Want your toddler to do something educational while you cook dinner or while out at a restaurant? Try a busy bag! Twinkl has a TON of ideas! Just print out their activities, gather their suggested list of materials, and throw it all in a bag. Et voila! Your toddler will be kept busy without the use of a television.

Twinkl Busy Bags

Ages 3-4

Early literacy is so important for your toddler’s future education. Their brains at this age are like little sponges and they are eager to learn all that you can teach them. Whether you are teaching your toddler preschool skills at home or you are a preschool teacher yourself, Twinkl has you covered.

Is your toddler starting to recognize the alphabet? Are you listening to the alphabet song on repeat? Toddlers love singing songs and learning rhymes! They love matching and counting. And they love learning about the world around them. Twinkl has hundreds of resources and activities to help you and your toddler learn foundational skills while having fun at the same time.

The Alphabet

Twinkl Alphabet

Songs and Rhymes

Twinkl Song and Rhymes

Early Math

Twinkl Early Math

Exploring the World

Twinkl Exploring the World

Resources for “Big” Kids

As your child enters kindergarten and beyond, they will build upon foundational skills and learning will really take off. Imagine your little one as a rocket ready to launch into learning. If you have multiple children or if you are a teacher, you know that each rocket launches at a different rate and a different speed of acceleration. 

The resources you will find on Twinkl are great for filling in any gaps or remediating certain concepts. You can also find resources to extend or accelerate your child’s learning. If you are a teacher, this site has everything you could ever wish for to plan and execute your small group instruction. Every subject, at every level, is covered…lesson plans included!

Here are just a FEW examples of the variety of subjects and leveled resources listed on this site:


Twinkl Phonics


Twinkl Reading K-1

Twinkl Reading 2-5

Twinkl Writing


Twinkl Counting

Twinkl Number Systems and Place Value


Twinkl Science K-1

Twinkl Science 2-5

Resources for Home School Parents and Classroom Teachers

Okay, you have all of these resources, but what do you do with them? You need to start with lesson plans. Twinkl provides lesson planning resources for both Home School and the classroom. There are lesson plan templates, individual lesson plans, long range planning, and lesson plans for thematic units or topics.

The other important component of instruction is the assessment piece. Need pre-tests or post-tests? How about diagnostic assessments? Need to track your child’s progress? Twinkl has it all!

Are you struggling with behavior? Do you need behavior charts or trackers? Awards or incentives? Twinkl also has resources for classroom management! They have a variety of ready-made posters and printables for your home or classroom.

One of my favorite features for teachers and parents on Twinkl, is the ability to create your own resources. Twinkl has an incredible variety of resources to meet just about every need you may have, but sometimes you need something very specific. Perhaps you need something for a particular student or you want something to match this year’s classroom theme. You can create everything from customized labels to printables to posters! One-stop shop!

How to Sign Up for Twinkl

Twinkl has three subscription packages that range from $3-9 per month. Each package tier offers additional resources. As both a teacher and a mom, I spend way more than $9 per month on resources for my daughter and my classroom, so I think this is a bargain!

If you think your school might be interested in all of these amazing resources, there are also subscription packages for schools that will save you even more money! Twinkl has you covered if you run a daycare, ESL, or adult education program, as well! Package rates vary upon how many licenses your school/program may need.

Again, I have been generously given a free six-month subscription by Twinkl, but I wanted to note that they offered to provide me a subscription without a review! After I checked out this amazing site, I was hooked and volunteered to write an honest review. I have been a teacher for a long time and I am always on the hunt for quality resources for my students. I can’t believe I had never heard of this site before!

What do you think of Twinkl? What kinds of educational resources do you use or need for your homeschool or classroom? Please comment and share below!

Twinkl Teacher Created Resources

Twinkl Educational Resources

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