5 Fun Activities Not Just For Kids

5 Amazingly Fun Activities That Are Not Just For Kids

One of my favorite parts of being a mom and a teacher is that being around kids seems to bring out the kid in me. It is so easy for me to get lost in my own head and become consumed by stress.This whole being an adult thing is hard!

Kids have it figured out. They find the beauty in the little things. Kids would rather run or skip than walk. When is the last time you skipped? The only time my daughter walks at an adult-like pace is when it’s bed time and she is dragging her feet. Life is just so much fun when you are a kid!

There is really no reason why you should let your kids have all the fun. Sometimes you just need to let your hair down and be silly. Instead of watching your kids have the time of their little lives, join the party! Try these five amazingly fun activities and just watch as the weight of the world begins to fall off your shoulders.

6 Amazingly Fun Activities That Are Not Just For Kids

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1. Coloring

Do you remember how much fun it was to spend an afternoon coloring when you were a kid? Of course, you do! This why “adult coloring pages” have become all the rage. This is definitely a trend that you want to try.

Kris from Top Coloring Pages has created an entire site filled with printable coloring pages for the young…or young at heart. He has over one thousand FREE coloring pages to try. But Kris knows that this hobby is not just for fun, there are also some amazing benefits.

Coloring is one of my favorite activities to do with my daughter. While she learns about color variations and practices fine motor control, I actually relax. There is something about coloring that allows me to focus on nothing else but ensuring that Rapunzel’s dress is the perfect shade of lavender.

Kris is a dad and saw right away how much fun coloring with your kid can be. He has everything you need at Top Coloring Pages, so go check out his site!

*I am not an affiliate for Top Coloring Pages, I just think this a great site!

2. Playing with Play-Doh

Play-Doh sets have become rather elaborate since the days of my youth. It still has the same smell and texture, but that is about it. The colors are much more extravagant and the sets are seriously incredible.

I have working on teaching my daughter the difference between a circle and a sphere. She was able to identify examples in the house and accurately sort picture cards, but I thought it would be great if she could make a flat circle or a round sphere. Play-Doh was the first thing that came to mind.

I actually decided to get the Play-Doh Shape and Learn Numbers and Counting set so we could work on shapes, numbers, and counting. This set comes with number cards and neat “under the sea” themed mats. It also has stamps to create her very own sea creatures.

Confession, I had as much fun as my daughter stamping seahorses and making our own Play-Doh beach balls. As she explored, I just squeezed the Play-Doh over and over. I felt my stress dissipate. Squeezing a stress ball can be a remedy for stress and I found the same effects with the Play-Doh. Plus, I had a blast with my daughter!

3. Finger Painting

I know what you are thinking. Finger painting is messy. Yes, it is. But it is seriously SO much fun. Instead of worrying about the mess, think about how much fun you will have. Plus, messiness may just boost your child’s creativity, according to a study posted in the New York Times!

You do not want to wear your favorite designer jeans for finger painting. Instead, use this as an excuse to wear your old, ratty sweats. I recommend stripping your baby to a diaper because half the fun is watching your kid cover themselves in paint.

All of my girlfriends rave about going to those classes where you paint a canvas while guzzling wine. I have not given this a try, but it is on my bucket list for this year. You can channel that same euphoric feeling by finger painting with your child and guzzling apple juice. The idea is to get your hands dirty. Get messy. Be creative. It feels fantastic!

If you are like me and have a hard time enjoying yourself because you are worried about paint staining everything in sight, try Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Fingerpaint. This stuff is amazing. All of the fun with none of the worry!

4. Get Down and Boogie

Adults may know how to shake a tail feather. You may have even frequented a dance club or two in your day. But, what I am suggesting is to get down and boogie like a kid.

Have you watched kids dance? It’s like they feel the music internally. They are not self-conscious. There is no trying to “look cool”. The music just sets them free. It does not matter if they are off-beat or singing along off-key. Kids just enjoy the act of dancing.

I am a big fan of the kitchen dance party. This is where you blast the music and cook dinner while shaking your groove thing. I also enjoy the folding laundry dance party. Whenever I can take a monotonous task into something fun, it makes me feel so much better!

The point is that you do not have to be a kid to feel the rhythm. You do not have to visit a nightclub wearing your highest heels with a cocktail in hand. All you need is a good beat and…okay maybe a little “adult” grape juice. It can’t hurt!

5. Playing at the Playground

I know that is so nice to set your kid free at the playground and take a few moments to just be still. We all need days like that. But, some days get off the park bench and go down the slide. Better yet, get on the swings! Run, climb, and play with the wild abandon of a kid.

Your older kids may feign mortification, but they will just have to get over it. They will be embarrassed by their parents plenty of times in their lives. For now, they should just chase you through the playground.

I think sometimes my husband is the one who is better at the whole “running and playing” thing. Maybe it’s a Dad thing, but he loves to chase my daughter and throw her the football, while I watch and laugh. Admittedly, I lack his athleticism, but more so it is difficult for me to get out of my head and just play. But these moments are what childhood and parenthood are really all about.

What are your favorite activities that bring out the kid in you? Please comment and share below!
Amazingly Fun Activities Not Just For Kids

18 thoughts on “5 Amazingly Fun Activities That Are Not Just For Kids

  1. These are great! In my home country are now very popular coloring books for adults (they should reduce stress :)) I was thinking of buying them too 🙂

  2. Soooo, yesterday, Ms. Tennessee came to our school, which cut into our intervention time. So, instead of doing their regular reading intervention, I thought it’d be fun to make Valentines with my kids and just talk to them for the 20 minutes left that we had together. I printed out some coloring pages for one of my kids who REALLY likes to color but HATES drawing.

    When I got home yesterday evening, I saw that a few of the extra pages she didn’t color were stuck in between the pile of books I brought home. So, last night, I broke out the colored pencils and colored for an hour. I TOTALLYYYYYY get the whole adult coloring thing. So therapeutic and calming!
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    1. I just had to laugh when I read this because I have and would do the exact same thing! It is also a great suggestion for the classroom to have a few coloring pages on hands for those kids who do not like to free draw. It can be a great calming activity for a kid who gets over stimulated. Confession: I totally colored an entire page of my daughter’s Sofia the First coloring book last night!

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