5 Free Gifts to Delight Moms on Mother's Day

5 Free Gifts to Delight Toddler Moms on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching and you may be wracking your brain on what to give the toddler mom in your life. I know it seems like we have everything we could ever want. There’s that endless supply of Goldfish in the pantry. We no longer need a gym membership since every day is like running a marathon. And that messy mom bun…talk about a signature hair style! Who needs a beautician?

Being a toddler mom may seem glamorous, but this fabulous lifestyle takes quite a bit to maintain. A person…an adult-sized person cannot subsist on Goldfish crackers alone. What toddler moms really need this Mother’s Day is a little rest and relaxation. It does not have to be an elaborate spa day. Frankly, that may require more energy to get there than we can muster. The things we want are simple and best of all…they’re free!

Free Gifts to Delight Any Toddler Mom on Mother’s Day

1. Breakfast in Bed

French Toast Casserole

Yes, this item may not be completely free, as you do have to buy the groceries. Bonus points if you do the grocery shopping for the toddler mom in your life! Extra bonus points if you bring that toddler along for the grocery cart ride. However, it is not so much the breakfast itself that is the gift, but rather the “in bed” part.

The key to breakfast in bed is that mom gets to relax in bed by herself while dining on breakfast. Breakfast could be toast and fruit. Or even a bowl of cereal, but the most important part of this gift is that she gets to enjoy it alone. No other creatures climbing all over her or karate kicking her in the face in a fit of sleep. Solo dining upon the breakfast.

Around Easter, Kohl’s was running a commercial and in the commercial, the mom was serving a delicious French Toast Casserole served in a cast-iron skillet. I gave this recipe a try, with some tweaks, for Easter and it the perfect recipe for Mother’s Day! One, it is prepared the night before, so all you have to do on Mother’s Day is throw it in the oven. Two, toddlers make wonderful sous chefs for this recipe. Three, it is delicious!

Berry French Toast Casserole Recipe

For Easter, I served this dish in the cast iron skillet and just told everyone to dig in. If you are preparing this dish for the toddler mom in your life, scoop out a few slices and bring her a piping hot cup of coffee. This may be the real gift…drinking coffee when it is actually hot. Aaahhh…it sounds like a dream.

2. A Nap

As toddler moms, we talk a lot about napping. However, it is always our toddler’s naps we are discussing. Are they napping? How long are they napping? What in the world do you do when they drop their nap? For Mother’s Day, we need to talk about mom naps.

Those little munchkins wear us out. It is like running a marathon in heels…while juggling fireballs with a monkey on your back. We need a nap! Passing out from exhaustion at the foot of the toddler’s bed does not count. Toddler moms need a real nap.

This back to the breakfast in bed idea. We need a kid-free bed in which to nap. A locked door would also not be a bad idea. Soft music and lavender essential oils diffusing would be heavenly. It does not even need to be a long nap. A power nap would still be an amazing gift!

3. The Remote Control

Maybe it is just my house, but I never seem to have control over the remote. Don’t get me wrong, I do love watching Sofia the First with my toddler and watching college football with my hubby. But once in a while, I would like to watch what I want to watch.

Mother’s Day would be the perfect day to lay in bed and get caught up on all of those juicy Thursday night shows! Let mom watch the doctor’s from Gray’s Anatomy bandage boo-boos instead of playing doctor mom. Or watch Olivia Pope lay down the law instead of mom being the one always being “The Fixer”. For an added touch, you could wrap the remote in a bow. Then, just hand it over to mom and tell her to veg out. Hint: Both Olivia Pope and toddler moms enjoy the combination of popcorn and wine.

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4. A Bubble Bath

Any time a toddler mom can be in a bathroom by herself is a gift on its own. I do not even remember what it is like, but to my vague recollection, using the facilities in private was glorious. Now, it is Mother’s Day, so you will need to up the ante.

Draw mom a bubble bath, light some candles, and lock the door. I am partial to Lush Bath Bombs for a truly spa-like experience. However, while amazing, this is not mandatory. The gift, once again, is the gift of peace. Just a few moments of soaking in quiet.

Bath time is usually messy with lots bubbles and even more toys. Somehow mom always ends up wetter than the toddler. It is loud and usually, bath paints are involved so your little tyke ends up messier than when the bath began. Afterward, mom has to clean bath paint off the walls and bubbles off the floor while the naked toddler streaks through the house.

This Mother’s Day, remind mom what a bubble bath is supposed to be like. Allow her to soak those aching muscles while giving her ears the gift of silence. Trust me, this is a gift mom definitely wants!

5. Free Babysitting

Here’s the thing. Mother’s Day is just one day. On that Sunday, we all reflect on how amazing moms are and all that they do. However, when the clock strikes midnight, it is like mom turns back into Cinderella. It is time to cook, clean, do the wash, and tend to all of the animals. What mom really needs on Mother’s Day is to have the ability to turn back into a princess when she needs to.

The very best gift you can give the toddler mom in your life is the gift of becoming her Fairy Godmother. When you notice that Cindermom is getting burned out by caring for the monstrous little ones, swoop in with your magical wand and send her to the ball. Tell her to blow the dust off her gown…or favorite skinny jeans and unstained t-shirt and hit the town.

Instead of giving Cindermom a pumpkin that can be transformed into a carriage, give her one of these. A coupon for free babysitting! Bestow mom with one of these and send her off to the ball. Download your free printable here:

A Gift for Mom- Free Babysitting

A Note about Toddler Moms

It is not that toddler moms are trying to escape. We love our lives. The noise, the chaos, and the nonstop giggles are the fuel that keeps us going when sleep deprivation sets in. Someday our threenagers will be real teenagers and they most likely will not want to spend every second attached to our hips. These days are as precious as they are long.

All we want is just a few moments to catch our breath. Sometimes we just need to hit the reset button, so we can back to action. Mom life is tough, but it is also glorious. In order to be our best selves, we need to recharge our batteries once in a while. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity. Before the sun sets on Mother’s Day, do one final thing. Give mom a big hug and just say “Thank you”. That little token of appreciation will keep us going until next Mother’s Day.

Are you a toddler mom? What do you want for Mother’s Day? Please share your wish list in the comments below!

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20 thoughts on “5 Free Gifts to Delight Toddler Moms on Mother’s Day

  1. As the mom of a 3 and 1 year old, yes! I would love a nap, the remote and breakfast in bed! And just some peace and quiet and ME time! Great post!

  2. Love this and I might need to subtly share it with my husband đŸ˜‚ hahahaha. I’m totally over here, rocking a mom bun! I love the ending, and I fully agree… We love our life’s and our busy and sometimes out of hand toddlers … But a little breath and some chocolates would go a long way. Haha x Great post as always x
    Sade Lee recently posted…Imaginative play is fun for the whole familyMy Profile

    1. My hubby asked me what I wanted and I was like “A nap! Seriously…go read my blog post!” It seems so small, but these things are HUGE to us! We just need to refuel before returning to the chaos!

  3. Yes, all of the above in one day! I can tell you I’d love one day that I don’t do the same thing I do every day of the year. Being a stay at home mom is exhausting and I have to put in long hours. I just would like one day that I don’t. Add #6, let me sleep in.

    1. Such great points! I am a work-at-home mom and is such a treat to just do something that is not the same as every other day. Like, a few Saturdays ago, I went to the grocery store BY MYSELF. It was glorious. And, yes! Sleep in! Before breakfast in bed, let me sleep in! Thank you so much for adding to this list!

  4. Great ideas! I love the free babysitting, because you could use it for really anything! A nap, a day out, time to be productive, etc. You choose! I hope you are having a great week!

  5. I’m a toddler and teenager(and some ages in between) mom! I desperately would love a nap haha! I have two nonsleepers. I keep hinting to my teenager she should offer to babysit friday night so we can have a date night-perfect mother’s day gift!

    1. My little one is a nonsleeper, too! I have no idea how she has so much energy because I am fueled by coffee! I think your teenager would do a great job! That would be a great Mother’s Day gift!

  6. I’m a toddler and teenager(and some ages in between) mom! I desperately would love a nap haha! I have two nonsleepers. I keep hinting to my teenager she should offer to babysit friday night so we can have a date night-perfect mother’s day gift!

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