3 Fun Summer Activities

3 Fun Summer Activities That Help Your Child Grow

As a teacher, I cannot fully describe the feeling of summer break. It is not that I do not adore my students or miss them during my weeks off. Of course, I do. However, I put my heart and soul into my students and my lessons during the school year. When summer hits, I need the break as much as they do!

As a mom of a toddler, my daughter has not yet experienced her first summer break. I do “preschool” at home with my little one. Since she does not understand the difference between summer break and the school year, we are continuing on our same schedule. Actually, it is better because I have more time to plan!

Yes, I am a teacher mom, but I think all moms want to ensure that their kids continue to learn throughout the summer. Believe me, we teachers appreciate when the kids return in the fall without their brains full of mush! So, what can you do? Natalie is here today to share some things moms can do this summer that will keep those brains and bodies active!

3 Fun Summer Activities That Help Your Child Grow

By Natalie Hagen

Moms are always looking for activities to do with their kids that are fun and educational-two birds, one stone right? Summer gives you an opportunity to be outside in the fresh air and for older children gives them a break from sitting in a classroom all day.

Sadly though, they can’t spend everyday in the pool! Toddlers and school children alike can benefit from activities such as music lessons or sports. Moms will love that they’re developing skills, and kids will love having fun-win win! Check out the infographic from TakeLessons.com below for some more ideas.


What fun and/or educational activities do you have planned this summer? Please comment and share below!


3 thoughts on “3 Fun Summer Activities That Help Your Child Grow

  1. What great ideas! I was trying to figure out some things to do with my kiddo outside the norm and I hadn’t even thought about learning the play an instrument. Thank you for the wonderful ideas!

  2. What a fun post! I don’t have kids, but I DO have 5 nieces and a nephew, all under 4! My husband and I play backup, so to speak. 🙂 What a great post and fun ideas of what to do with the little ones. Sometimes it’s hard to be creative in the moment, so I’m glad to have this as a resource. Thanks!!

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