6 Ways Working with Kids Makes You Happy and Fulfilled

You will not be surprised to learn that I did not become a teacher for the paycheck. If I wanted a life of wealth and luxury, I would have chosen a different path. Instead, I chose a path that has proven to be far more rewarding. I’m a teacher!

The feeling of teaching a child to read is something you cannot put a price on. When you see that little lightbulb of understanding appear about a child’s head, you feel like you have won a million dollars. Whether you are teacher or a parent, working with kids give you a sense of fulfillment that money cannot buy.

Tracey Clayton is back visiting the blog today to share why working with kids is so amazing. Read on to find out more!

6 Ways Working with Kids Makes You Happy and Fulfilled

Guest Post By Tracey Clayton

6 Ways Working with Kids Makes You Happy and Fulfilled

There’s probably nothing in this world that’s more satisfying than being in the presence of a happy and smiling child; seeing them unspoiled by experience as they relish in their blissful honesty and sincerity sure brings a smile to even the darkest of faces.

If you love kids and have been recently given an opportunity to work with them, know that you’ll be enjoying the most wonderful experience of your life!

Here, we’re listing just a few benefits of working with children and ways they continually manage to bring happiness into our lives:

They Keep Us Honest

Reading to Kids

In a world that’s become so cutthroat and deceitful, spending time around individuals (no matter how young or old) that not only don’t lie but don’t even understand the concept of lying is pure bliss. Children will continually remind you how wonderful a life can be when filled with unspoiled souls and happy creatures. For the most part, they’ll even get to influence some of the choices you make and people you surround yourself with in the future. Be observant, kids are way smarter than we give them credit!

They Don’t Understand Manipulation

Listening to Kids

Unlike the grown-up world that encourages interaction based on “eat or be eaten” (even if it means hurting people in the process), children know nothing of it. They aren’t manipulative and scheming and they act as they feel. They ask for what they want, they say what they mean, they laugh when something’s fun, not when they’re supposed to laugh… it’s pretty refreshing (and rewarding!).

You Witness their Emotional/Intellectual/Psychological Growth

Playing with Kids

Spending time with children as they grow and develop into these amazing human beings is a feeling like no other. If you are a teacher, you get to be directly involved in their emotional, intellectual and psychological growth which is not only very responsible a task to do but it’s also a very powerful feeling to experience in your life.

A simple act of teaching children values, providing them with various information through that important early childhood training, spending time with them and steering them in the right direction as they come to realize life isn’t always black and white is a feeling like no other. Although it might seem a bit hard to grasp, once you get into this role you’ll realize what we’re talking about… we promise.

You Get to Directly Encourage (their) Education

Working with Kids

It is safe to say this world needs more goal-oriented people, more educated girls and boys, more self-respecting individuals. Unfortunately, these qualities aren’t what one is born with but rather something that they’re taught to cherish. For this, encouraging children to continually read, learn and acquire new information through various sources – whether it’s be books, socializing with their peers, movies, music, exploring other cultures, etc. – you are potentially helping form an army of successful people in the future. Beautiful.

You Learn to be Patient and Positive

Teacher and Kids

Children perfectly respond to enthusiastic and positive people that are patient with and focused on them. Being and remaining positive in all spheres of life is crucial for success, whether it be on the playground or the meeting room. When you’re teaching children to overcome problems (we are obviously using the term “problem” loosely here), you’re practically teaching them to remain positive, stay persistent and find proper solutions for their situations. No matter how minor or seemingly unimportant those situations may be when they’re little, these skills will mean a lot when they’re grown and facing real problems.

They Keep You Physically (and Mentally!) Active

Running with Kids

Being around kids is like spinning, power-walking or constantly being on a treadmill! These little devils keep running around like there’s no tomorrow and your job is to make sure nothing happens to them while you are at it. Mind you, all this running around will sure keep you fit!

As for mental exercising, they’ll keep you on your toes in that aspect as well. As their imagination and curiosity run wild when they’re little, they’ll ask you a billion questions you’ll often find hard to answer. But, with just a tiny bit of creativity and an open mind – you’ll definitely get there!

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Do you work with kids? How does it make you feel happy and fulfilled? Please comment and share below!

Ways Workign with Kids Makes You Happy and Fulfilled


20 thoughts on “6 Ways Working with Kids Makes You Happy and Fulfilled

  1. So true! Young children have certainly aged me but they also bring me such delight. I can’t imagine my life without them. My husband just became a teacher too, and definitely not for the money! Thank goodness we have teachers like you to encourage our young people.

  2. I get so tickled with joy watching my son grow! And the rest of this is spot on. My life so better with him in it. We plan to homeschool, so I’ll get to enjoy all this with .

  3. great post! i worked with autistic kids for 4 years and was placed in normal school settings so got to work with a variety of kids as well, and i LOVED it. It was so fulfilling and I never left my job feeling unhappy. I miss working with kids but now I am home with my own.

    1. It is the best! I request to be the inclusion teacher every year because working with kids of all different needs is such a challenge. You are right, it is hard to feel unhappy when you are being challenged in that way!

  4. I don’t have kids but my friend came to stay with her two children for a week… I was exhausted and I wasn’t even running around after them! It was hard work and I had a new found respect for parents 🙂 It sounds very fulfilling

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