Why the terrible twos are not so terrible

22 Reasons Why the Terrible 2’s Are Not So Terrible

For the first twenty-three and a half months of my daughter’s life, I was constantly warned, “Just wait…the terrible two’s are coming!” My daughter’s second birthday came and went while I still waited for the terrible-ness to ensue. Just to lay all of my cards on the table, there are days that I fall into bed physically and emotionally exhausted after a day with my two-year-old.

Toddlers are little bundles of raw and pure emotion without the vocabulary to express all that they see and feel. Sure, this time could be frustrating for all parties involved, but I choose to look at the sippy cup as half full. Here are twenty-two reasons as to why the “terrible two’s” are not so terrible after all.

22 Reasons Why the Terrible 2’s Are Not So Terrible

Why the Terrible 2's Are Not So Terrible

1. Two-year-olds are now real little people.

Your tyke is no longer a cute, little blob. Gone are the days of cooing and drooling coupled with an adorable gas induced smile. Your toddler can now think, feel, move, and laugh out loud. Watching these personalities develop is nothing short of amazing.

2. Two-year-olds can eat real food.

Notice I said can, not that they always will eat real food. In any case, I am no longer spending all day on Sunday whipping up a plethora of homemade baby purees. My daughter is served everything my husband and I eat and she actually eats most of it! Eating

3. Two-year-olds can use utensils.

Not only can she eat real food, she can use a fork and spoon to feed herself! I no longer spend a fortnight trying to spoon feed her a dollop of my slaved over purees, only to have the majority end up on the floor or in my hair. Okay, some of her food still ends up on the floor, but a lot less ends up in my hair. It’s a start.

4. They can talk!

It’s not all “Goo-Goo Ga-Ga” anymore. Toddlers can use actual words (or word approximations) to communicate. You can have an actual conversation and no longer look like a crazy person babbling nonsense.

5. Their brains are sponges.

I am a teacher. I consider myself to actually be a pretty good teacher and I have even won quite a few awards. However, no student has ever wanted to learn from me as much as my two-year-old. She is interested and fascinated by everything I say and somehow even retains all that I have taught her!

6. Their tantrums make PMS look mild.

Wild, uncontrollable emotions coupled with unpredictable mood swings and cravings for very distinct foods? Sound familiar? Don’t worry, your monthly visitor and all of the accompanying baggage now takes a backseat to a toddler tantrum.

7. Two-year-olds bring out the kid in everyone.

Toddlers love to play. They especially love to play with you. I have rekindled my love of coloring, playing with Legos, and dancing in the rain. It is the most fun I have had…well, since I was a kid.

8. Ordinary objects are magical.

Do you have any idea how many hours of fun my two-year-old and I have had with toilet paper tubes and water bottles? Neither do I. Their rapt fascination with objects like empty spice jars, boxes, or the sink faucet provide hours of free entertainment and may just fire up your own imagination.

ordinary objects

My daughter’s fascination with a solar light.

9. Everything is new.

People always say, “Stop and smell the roses.” Have you ever stopped to just notice a rose? Or even a bug? Seeing the world through your two-year-old’s eyes is like seeing everything for the very first time and it is…incredible.

10. They love to snuggle.

Someday, probably way too soon, my daughter will only sit in my lap or give me a hug begrudgingly. Right now, there is no place that she would rather be than on my lap and in my warm embrace. I am savoring every second.

11. Diaper days are coming to an end.

Maybe your two-year-old is already blissfully out of diapers or you may be aboard the potty train. Either way, think of all that you can buy now with the funds from your monthly diaper budget!

12. They love to do housework/yard work.

Two-year-olds are the best mommy/daddy helpers ever. I do not ever ask my daughter to help me with chores because she volunteers! She loves dusting, sweeping, and scrubbing! Someday I will probably have to bribe her to make her bed, but today she will grab the dust rag and go to town.

little helper

Helping Dada do some yard work.

13. They have (some) independence.

Although I am still my daughter’s playmate, she also enjoys occasionally playing by herself. There are actually so many things that she can do (and insists upon doing…often at top volume) all on her own that I am constantly in amazement.

14. They start building real friendships.

Once we learned that sharing can actually be more fun than keeping everything to yourself (“Mine, mine, mine!”), my daughter started enjoying the company of other two-year-olds. This is  only the beginning of realizing that people outside of the immediate family can provide love and companionship. Besides, listening to a conversation between two toddlers is nothing short of hilarious.

15. They make you want to get up and dance!

All it takes is a few bars of any song and suddenly your two-year-old is snapping their fingers (kind of) and tapping their feet. There is something about their little off beat jerks and twerks that makes you want to join in on the fun. Kitchen, grocery store, or in the car…just get down and boogie!

16. You do not need a gym membership.

Who needs to go to the gym when you spend all day running after a toddler? You get those squats in every time to reach down to pick up toys for the billionth time and free weights? Have you looked at those amazing arms after picking up your toddler and carrying him/her around all day?

17. They still nap.

Oh, for the love of a good nap. Also known as “Mommy’s Happy Hour”. You need the down time as much as your little one. Don’t try to be productive during nap time. Be blissfully unproductive and recharge those batteries!

18. Two-year-olds are hilarious.

Their little drunk-like walk, their facial expressions, the things they say. They are miniature comedians. Be sure to get as much as possible on video to show them when they are teenagers and think they are so cool.

19. Their laughs are infectious.

Along with being hilarious, two-year-olds also find most things pretty funny. Once that giggle gets going, you cannot help but to join in. You do not have to know what the joke was, just laugh with them. It’s contagious.

20. They are seriously the cutest things ever.

Your toddler may still let you dress them in adorable little outfits. Or your toddler may dress him or herself in the oddest combinations of apparel. Either way, the cuteness factor is on overload.


My daughter who like to dress herself in no fewer than four tutus…at once

21. A kiss and a Band-Aid heals all.

Someday the world will get much bigger and not every hurt can be solved with a Disney character Band-Aid and a smooch from a parent. But right now, there is no problem too big that a kiss and Band-Aid can’t solve. Mama and Madeline

22. You are a superhero.

Your two-year-old looks at you like your are the most beautiful, amazing, all-powerful creature in the universe. Soak up all that love and adoration because there is no better feeling.

What is the best thing about your two-year-old? Please comment and share below!

22 Reasons Why the Terrible 2's are not so Terrible



10 thoughts on “22 Reasons Why the Terrible 2’s Are Not So Terrible

  1. I’m with you – I LOVE two-year-olds. Similarly, don’t let anyone tell you that teenagers are horrible and hateful. Yes, the teen years are challenging, just like every other phase. But our three, and their friends, are/were awesome! If you love being a parent, every age has something to recommend it!

  2. Lovely! Toddlers are totally more fun than babies, in my opinion. They have so much personality and as you say, you can have actual conversations. My older son is three and he’s started telling stories. Absolutely hilarious.

    1. I always say to my daughter, “Remember when you were a blob?” It is so fun watching their little personalities develop!

  3. I love this list! I’m currently in-between two-year-olds (mine are 6, 4, and 8 months), but I know it’ll be here again before I know it. It’s great to remember that, even in the tough moments, there are things to celebrate. One of my favorite parts of that age is seeing the world from my toddler’s fresh perspective.

    1. The two’s are actually quite fun, I promise! Now, the three’s…just kidding! I love each age, but I also miss those baby days! Six months was such a sweet time. Enjoy every second!

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