How to Help Your Children Reach for the Stars with Love and Guidance

As parents, we always want what is best for our children. Even before my daughter arrived in this world, I had big dreams for her. Mostly, I just want her to be happy and healthy. However, I want her to dream big, too.

Right now she is a toddler and dreams of becoming a doctor of babies, puppies, and monkeys. I am not exactly sure of the logistics, but I try to encourage her in any way I can. We have studied human and animal bodies. I have even provided her with her own little doctor’s kit. Her dreams may change as she grows and changes, but I will always cheer her on.

Today, we have Tracey Clayton back on the blog to share with us the ways you can help your children dream big and reach for the stars. With a little help from mom and dad, of course.

Help Your Children Reach for the Stars with Love and Guidance

Guest Post By Tracey Clayton

How to Help Your Children Reach for the Stars

A young mind is a host to endless possibilities and wild dreams only a child is able to concoct, nurturing them through play and exploration, yet turning them into reality only with the help and guidance of their parents. It’s not easy raising children who dream big and achieve greatness, whatever it may entail for them, but it can be done with encouragement, positivity and prudent planning.

More often than not, parents subconsciously try to raise their children to fulfill the dreams they did not, and it is of the utmost importance to distance yourself from what you believe is right for them, and try to listen to what their adventurous hearts are telling you. Here is how you can help your children reach for their own stars with love and guidance.

Teach Them the Importance of Responsibility

Responsibility is so much more than making your kid take out the trash or buy a loaf of bread. Sadly, the majority of parents believe that responsibility comes from a firm hand and a strict voice. The reality is that by directing the child into doing things without providing adequate guidance will actually turn these activities into chores rather than mindful responsibilities.

So how do you teach children responsibilities they will love? Make it into a game and explain the rules. Get them to help you with housework as much as they can, set the rules and explain to them the positive impact their contribution will have. By making responsibilities into fun adventures, you can easily teach them various responsibilities they will nurture for life.

Let Them Socialize

Social interaction is a necessity for any human being. Granted, there are people who label themselves as introverts and there are people who love being at the center of attention, but the common denominator is that all human beings are social creatures. If your child is devoid of social interaction during their earliest years, chances are that they will have a hard time finding their place in society later in life, thus setting the stage for many professional and personal hardships in their adult years.

Let them play, let them get hurt and rise back up again, let them love and let them lose. Explain to them how it’s all a part of life and teach them how to handle life’s challenges with dignity and sound judgment.

Instill Positive Values

Values define your children’s lives and set the stage for a happy, successful adulthood. Fortunately, you can easily teach values through fun games, and more importantly, by giving your child something to take care of and nurture, such as a pet. Pets are a true joy to have around, and there are numerous benefits they will have for the development of your child, especially in their earliest years.

Let Them Achieve Big by Dreaming Big

A sure-fire way for your children to fail in achieving their dreams is to make them succumb to social norms and stop dreaming big. If you child wants to be an astronaut, you should be proud, rather than telling them to look for a more realistic profession. If she wants to be a writer, buy her books, if he wants to be a singer, get him a tutor and when the time comes to step into adulthood, get them professional help with university admissions in order for them to get into their preferred school, realize their dreams, and pursue their passion.

Nurture Their Interests

Finally, you want to act as a constant beacon of love, hope and support for your child. This doesn’t mean pampering them into a false sense of self-entitlement, rather it means you should inspire them to chase their dreams, follow their instincts and see where their interests take them. While a child should learn to finish a project they’ve started, you shouldn’t force your own interests upon them, but allow them to explore, experience, change their mind and find the thing that speaks to their heart and soul.

Your child is a blank page waiting to be filled with inspiring words of positivity, bravery, confidence and knowledge. Keep these valuable guidelines in mind when raising your children and you will help them reach for the stars and pave the road for a lifetime of happiness and success!

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How do you help your children reach for the stars? Please share your words of wisdom and comment below!

Teach Your Children to Reach for the Stars with Love and Guidance


9 thoughts on “How to Help Your Children Reach for the Stars with Love and Guidance

  1. Very beautifully written, and so true. Its so important to support and encourage their curious minds, and keep them filled with inspiration. I have a two year old, and I absolutely love this age. Everything is so brand new, she is so curious, and I love watching her excitement as she explores her world.

    1. I could not agree more! My daughter is three and her brain is like a little sponge and her dreams are out of this world. I love seeing the world through her eyes and just being along for the ride! Thank you so much for reading!

  2. This is spot on! I certainly hope we are doing everything we can to nurture our daughters dreams. She’s only 2, but I definitely think that fostering that independence and sense of personal responsibility will go far.

  3. Dream Big! I love it. My daughter is one now and I have so many dreams for her. The most important one is that she learns how to dream big and more importantly learns the level of responsibility necessary to accomplish her dreams. Great Post!

  4. Parenting is the hardest job (well, after marriage) .always good to hear other parent’s advices! The best part is that I learn so much from her 😁

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