7 Decorating Ideas for a Fun and Organized Toddler’s Playroom

Today on the blog, we have the lovely Cate Palmer. Cate is a blogger and mom who loves all things DIY. Since Cate is the expert in interior design and home decor, I asked her to share her tips for decorating a toddler’s playroom.

Selfishly, Dear Reader, I need these tips! However, I think my dilemma is something all parents can relate to. I am a work-at-home mom. While I am working, I want a place for my daughter to be able to play quietly. Sticking her in front of the television is defintiely not my first choice. Thus, I want her to be able to play quietly in a space that is electronics-free and engaging for her. But, I also want it pretty and organized for me! Well, Cate has us all covered!

7 Decorating Ideas for a Fun and Organized Toddler’s Playroom

By: Cate Palmer

There’s nothing more beautiful than to hear your toddler laugh and to see them smiling. As parents, all we want for our children is to give them the best childhood and growing up conditions we can. A toddler’s playroom is probably the best place to spend quality time with your child and to give you both positive energy. But sometimes the budget is too restricting and you start worrying that you’re not giving enough or are going to fail.

Well, dear parents, put those worried faces away and prepare for some DIY budget-friendly arts & crafts ideas to organise your sunshine’s playroom which will make all of you smile.

1. Turn the Playroom Wall into a Sketchbook

Playroom Wall


The idea that your toddler will make a mess of your walls with crayons is frightening for most parents and gets them banging their heads against a wall for a solution. But instead of that, buy a special paint which will turn your walls into chalkboard.

They come available in any colour, and are affordable and more cost-effective than repainting the walls over and over again. The best thing about this paint is that it’s erasable and you and your toddler can smudge and colour until you run out of crayons.

2. Themed Playrooms

Themed Playroom

Source: homestolove.co.nz

Filling up the playroom with your child’s favourite characters and stories is encouraged and welcomed. And although in the beginning it seemed like a great idea, when the child changes their interest you’ll be having a hard time turning it into something else. The best action here is to designate one place in the room for a theme, that way you can make quick and low cost do-overs whenever the interest changes.

3. Playroom Storage Solutions

Playrooms tend to be messy and cluttered if you don’t take care of that in time. Soon enough your child will outgrow certain items and break others. If you prefer to save things and decorations that are unused, placing them in a supercheap storage is always a good solution. However, that leaves you with the current objects of your toddlers’ interest. You can buy plain wooden or plastic crates, and use them as storage boxes for toys. The best you can do is collect them together with your child and thus teach them early on to keep the room tidy.

4. Playroom Furniture

A playroom doesn’t need that much furniture, just a couple of sitting options and maybe a small working station, such as a table where your child can draw or assemble toys. You don’t have to buy new chairs or stools, a couple of soft and puffy pillows will do. You can make pillowcases yourself or choose the fabric. Since your toddler will spend most of the time crawling on the floor, furniture at this stage can be more of an obstacle than an improvement.

5. Playroom Flooring

Nowadays there are many foam and rubber solutions which will prevent your child from getting injured when they fall and would even protect their joints from constant jumping. There are varieties of soft and safe flooring at different prices, and they are easy to assemble and wash. They also provide insulation against cold and damp floors, and you can buy those free of any toxic materials and with anti-bacterial protection.

Playroom Flooring

Source: coocoo.pl

6. Play with Colors

Your toddler is attracted to colours, but that doesn’t mean you should go overboard with paint. Choose some tasteful and complementary color palettes which will brighten the space and give it a playful tone. Try avoiding doing everything in different shades of one colour, and by applying different patterns like parallel lines or circles insert other colours into the primary tone.

Source: idolza.com

Also, if you’ve decided on a theme, try to adapt it and in that way you will incorporate the theme into the whole room. This is something you can easily do by yourself, and it will even be fun. All you need are a bucket of paint, a brush and some drawing templates.

7. Playroom Lighting


This is probably the easiest of all and yet can be crucial to open up the space and accentuate the colours and the theme. You can concentrate on several small lights or lamps, strategically placed around the room to provide enough light and brightness without being too harsh for the eyes. You can use Christmas tree lights to make an area fun, and make your own lamp shades to fit in nicely with the colour patterns, fabrics and lines.

Always have in mind that your child’s interest is going to change, and whatever you decide to do with the playroom should be easily fixable and changeable. Also, you can do most of the decorating and work yourself even if you’ve never done it before. This will be fun for you and can be fun for the whole family, not to mention budget-friendly and relaxing.

7 Decorating Ideas for a Fun and Organized Toddler Playroom

How have you decorated your toddler’s playroom? Need some suggestions or have some tips of your own? Please comment and share below!

Decorating Ideas for a Toddler's Playroom




24 thoughts on “7 Decorating Ideas for a Fun and Organized Toddler’s Playroom

  1. The playroom is such a fun place to be creative with interior design! I don’t have a ton of space, so I know bins and baskets have been essential to keeping everything tidy and organized. I know a preschooler who loves to draw on her bedroom wall. I think chalkboard paint might save that day!

  2. All of these ideas can also be utilized for a slightly older child’s room – which is what I need! My girls, 4 & 6, are past the toddler stage but not quite to the point where I need to revamp everything. chalkboard walls are a must (probably for all ages? lol) and something we need to do pretty quickly.

    1. Yes! I really think the chalkboard wall could last forever. My daughter is three and her bedroom is still very toddler-ish, but her playroom is a space that I want to grow with her. It is hard to find that balance!

  3. Hello Brittany, I need these tips. I want my kid to be able to play quietly in a space that is electronics free and engaging for her. But, I also want it pretty and organized for me. I must say this is a lovely post. Thanks and keep sharing.

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