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How to Design a Kid’s Playroom that Inspires Learning and Creativity

We are back today talking about your kid’s playroom! In another recent guest post we learned about the 7 Decorating Ideas for a Fun and Organized Toddler’s Playroom. As a toddler mom, the playroom is a place that I want my daughter to have fun and explore. However, if it can also beautiful and organized…well, that is a big plus!

My teacher heart, however, wants a designated place in which my daughter can learn. My daughter is just starting preschool this year (sniff, sniff), but this is only the beginning of her educational endeavors. From here on out, I want the playroom to be a place that my daughter can continue to grow, learn, and express her creative side.

My fabulous guest author, Tracey Clayton, is here today to explain how we can make the playroom not only fun for the kids, but a place where they can learn, study, and express themselves in a positive way.

How to Design a Kid’s Playroom that Inspires Learning and Creativity

By: Tracey Clayton

How to Design a Kid's Playroom that Inspires Learning and Creativity

Your children should be encouraged to spend the majority of their time outside, basking, playing and making memories under the warm sun. However, that doesn’t mean that their rooms should serve only as a place where they should do their homework, study or sleep.

On the contrary, your children need a room that inspires creativity and positivity, but also encourages lifelong learning and transforms the perception of studying as a chore into an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Here are the best design solutions that will inspire learning and creativity in your children and pave the road to a happy and successful adulthood.

Create a Balanced Microcosm in Your Kid’s Playroom

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Nature always strives to create a balance among its elements, in order to create, nurture and maintain life. Your kids’ bedrooms should simulate this natural order and create a harmony between work and play, leisure and productivity.

Unfortunately, it’s quite easy for a kids’ room to become a place of leisure rather than productivity or creativity if you allow needless clutter and distractions to accumulate. That’s why you should strive to create a balance by ridding the room of unnecessary distractions yet maintaining a playful setting.

A Kid’s Playroom that Nurtures their Interests

Playroom Themes

A room can instantly be transformed from an idle environment into a creative and productive setting if you simply nurture your child’s strengths and interests. Every child has not one, but numerous innate talents just waiting to be discovered and more importantly, nurtured.

If your child is fascinated by art, then you want to tap into the exact source of their interest. Or if it’s music, try to figure out the instrument your child would love to play and help them learn it by getting them a tutor. If they love dancing, you should clear out a big area in the centre of your living room to allow them to move freely and create their own choreographies.

Allow Creativity to Flow in the Kid’s Playroom

Playroom Spaces

No matter if they love to dance, or if they’re a young math wiz, creativity is the staple of all learning, passion and commitment. You want your child to stick to their passions and nurture their interests. This means that you need to allow creativity to flow throughout the room, and that entails introducing elements that are conducive to learning and creativity, but more importantly, it means neatly organizing the room.

By failing to dedicate certain areas of the room to certain activities, you are allowing your child to get distracted, anxious and restless. This will lead to negativity, hindered productivity and will ultimately bear no positive results. So, be sure to allow creativity to flow by making a play area, a learning area, and an arts and crafts area as well.

Make It a Cozy and Snuggly Kid’s Playroom

Playroom Ideas

There is nothing that can have a negative influence on a young, developing mind like a boring ambiance devoid of warmth, love and intimacy. That’s why a kid’s room that sparks creativity is in need of warm, dynamic colours, wall art, snuggly toys and plush pillows, forts and comfy chairs.

Your child needs to have the freedom to move, sit and lie somewhere other than just a chair or the bed, and fluffy colourful floor rugs are a perfect choice that will keep them warm and cosy.

Promote Healthy Habits in the Kid’s Playroom

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Finally, you need to instil the right values and habits in your child that will allow them to prosper as adults in the future. You can do this easily not only by creating a productive setting but also by teaching them to clean up after themselves.

A neatly organized room will develop organized personalities, so make sure they put everything back in its place after they’ve finished playing or studying.

It’s tough being a parent in the modern world overburdened with distractions and negative influences. Fortunately, by following these simple guidelines, you can easily create a productive setting for your child to grow up in, filled with positivity and creativity that will see them through into a happy and prosperous adulthood.

Playroom Ideas

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What is your design inspiration for your kid’s playroom? Please share and comment your  ideas and questions below!

How to Design a Kid's Playroom


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