6 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Playroom Clean and Organized

This month I have been featuring some amazing guest posts all about your little one’s favorite room in the house…the playroom! The playroom, or play space, is where the magic happens for your kids. It was where memories are made. It is so important that this is a fun and engaging space for your children. However, it is also equally important that it is not an eye sore for parents!

Perhaps the “playroom” is not necessarily a separate space, but a section of your living room or simply your child’s bedroom. It is wonderful to see your child interacting with their toys, giggling, and having fun in their own space. However, if you have ever walked by the space and cringed instead of joined in on the laughter, this post if for you.

We have guest author, Sophia Evans, here today to explain how we can achieve that playroom space that can actually stay clean and organized. Sophia owns her own cleaning company, so you can be assured that she has some great tried-and-true tips!

The Playroom: How to Achieve an Organized and Clean Space for Your Children

Guest Post By: Sophia Evans

Toys, toys and some toys for a change. This is how the playroom looks and should look. It a place for fun, one that keeps your child engaged with imaginary stories, heroes or animals. Your salvation when you have some work around the house, which requires attention and energy.

However, chaos is an inseparable part of playing. Toddlers tend to surround themselves with a variety of toys even if they play with them for not more than two minutes. Not to mention all the interactive household object that mysteriously find their way to the playground.

It can be pretty challenging for a mum to keep this area of the house clean and organised. Decluttering and picking up toys is a full-time job. Yet, there is a solution for everything. I am not saying that it is easy but it will help you establish a well-sanitised and orderly environment for your child and that’s what counts, right?

1. Have a Realistic Vision of a Clean Playroom

It may be really frustrating to see this area constantly messy but keep in mind that it is supposed to be interactive not tidy. If you set too high standards about how the playroom should look, you will never be satisfied. Your goal should be to improve its condition as much as possible and ensure a healthy environment for your child. The rest is fun and pleasure.

2. Declutter on a Daily Basis

If you haven’t done it recently, take your time and inspect the playroom for any broken toys, useless objects or other unnecessary items. These are only robbing you from space. You know your child and what are the toys they actually play with. Get rid of absolutely everything that doesn’t serve any purpose. I advise you to declutter a little bit every day. In this way, there will be no empty packings, domestic object or other things that don’t belong in the playroom.

3. Fewer Toys Equals Fewer Messes

In their desire to provide children with comfort, parents often purchase a variety of toys and other amusing things. This approach may be giving peace of mind but it also contributes to a messy house and messy playroom in particular. Your toddler will be perfectly fine playing with fewer toys. You will also benefit from this, seeing the playroom clean and tidy.

4. Use Storage Containers Instead of Boxes

Using storage boxes means many not used toys. Replace them with see-through storage containers and place them near the walls or another convenient place. If your child is able to see where its favourite gadget is, it won’t be necessary to empty first the wrong box. Plus, when playtime is over, it will be easier to place the toys back in their place.

5. Encourage the Children to Clean Up After Themselves

Every child is able to clean, even if that means picking up toys. Put in some imagination and create some interesting mini games to involve the children in the maintenance of the playroom. For example, when it becomes time to go to bed, put together the toys to sleep or make up some funny songs about cleaning. You can create a lot of entertaining stories about the toys and easily involve the toddler in the cleaning.

6. Make a 10-minute Clean Up a Routine Every Evening

Every evening, after putting your children to bed, spend several minutes to tidy up. Put any objects in their place, sweep, beat the dust out of any rugs and open the window for fresh air. When you wake up in the morning, seeing the playroom organised will contribute to your good mood. However, the most important is that it ensures a healthy environment for your toddler.

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6 Ways to Keep Your Child's Playroom Clean and Organized

What are your best tips for keeping the playroom clean and organized? Please comment and share below!

15 thoughts on “6 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Playroom Clean and Organized

  1. My son’s room acts as the main playroom in our house. And I’ve worked hard to not let the mess bother me! I try to keep the rest of the house under control but they have free reign in the playroom. And I regularly have to fetch various kitchens implements that have found their way into the playroom. The measuring cups are usually under the bed and the soup pot can be found cooking up a blanket or two. Lol!

    1. My daughter keeps stealing our small strainers and pretending they are swords (that she can use to guard her princesses!) I love that you give them space to have free reign and just be kids! That is awesome!

  2. Great list Brittany! I’m going to be passing this one on, especially the part about encouraging kids to pick up their own rooms!

    I remember when I was little one thing that always up to keep my room clean and clutter free was the fact that I had a stuffed animal net that hung in the corner of my room right below the ceiling.

    I looked around for them for my own kids and I have found ones that are similar, I’ve yet to find one that works as well. We all know how messy stuffed animals can get and it seems like they multiply every time I turn around.

    Thanks again for the great post!
    Tony recently posted…What’s The Most Durable Tablet For KidsMy Profile

    1. I have seen those nets, but I think you may to to reinvent the one you had! I love the idea of keeping things off the floor! But wherever it is, kids have to know where toys “go” and that will really help clean up time!

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