How to Keep Your Bathroom Child Friendly

A Quick Guide on How to Keep Your Bathroom Child-Friendly

I don’t know about you, but I had to make quite a few adjustments when I became a parent. Suddenly, everything and everywhere was a danger zone! Especially the bathroom! The water, the slippery surfaces, and the heated styling tools were enough to send me into a full-blown panic!

If you have a little one on the way, don’t panic! Today’s guest post is all about how to keep your bathroom safe and child-friendly. Instead of looking at this room a place filled with potential hazards, take these steps and enjoy bath time with your child!

A Quick Guide on How to Keep Your Bathroom Child-Friendly

Guest Post By DRDRiP

A Quick Guide on How To Keep Your Bathroom Child Friendly

Toddlers and even young kids are likely to come across accidents that’s why you as a parent should always be vigilant. The indoor of your house can be just as dangerous outdoors. One particular area that causes a lot of accidents is the bathroom. Here’s a quick guide on how you are going to keep your bathroom safe for your kids.

Always Supervise Them  

Do not ever let your kids play in a bathtub full of water unless you are there to oversee them. Did you know that toddlers may drown in the water in a matter of seconds even if it is only a few inches? Even if your child is not using the bathtub, you should be there to keep a close eye on them. As much as possible, supervise your kids inside the bathroom and restrict their access to the area when not in use.

Keep Your Bathroom Mold-Free

Mold Free Bathroom

Kids are always curious. That’s why they always touch the things that catch their attention. The worst part is that they will put some items in their mouth! Be cautious and always clean your bathroom. We can’t completely get rid of moulds and mildews in the bathroom since water is always consistent.

Frequently clean the bathroom and don’t let moisture build up since this will cause moulds and mildew to grow. The spores produced by these fungi can cause skin, eye, and lung irritations to your whole family.

Install RCDs


RCD stands for residual-current device. This interrupts the flow of electricity when it comes in contact with water in an instant. RCDs help prevent most electrical accidents like electric shocks, burns, etc. This device is definitely a must in every residential or industrial area. If you still don’t have RCD make sure to have one installed by a licensed electrician.

Non-Slip Mats

Non-Slip Bath Mat

Bathrooms are often wet which is why we can’t avoid slippery floors. Of course, soaked floors are dangerous since it causes slipping incidents. To avoid this, you need to take action by always drying your floor immediately after each use. For added precaution, place a non-slip bath mat in areas that are always wet.

Keep Medication and Sharp Objects Stored and Away from Your Kids

Keep Medication Away from Kids

Hide these objects so that your child won’t be able to reach them. Your kids might play with your makeup and have allergies due to its ingredients. There is also a chance that your kids can find sharp objects and cut themselves or accidentally swallow meds left in the bathroom. This is why you should keep your storage locked and away from your kid’s reach. Be sure to hide your trash bins since toddlers might play with the rubbish found inside.

Do Not Forget to Unplug

Unplug Bathroom Safety

Always unplug your hair dryers, hair iron, or any electrical devices used in the bathroom.  Be sure to keep them in a safe and secure place so that your kids won’t interact with them. 

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How do you keep your bathroom child-friendly? Do you have a great safety or cleaning hack? Please share in the comments below!

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  1. Such a great post, Brittany! I see this as an essential article for parents before things get serious. Without a doubt, child-friendly bathrooms are a must!

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