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Why Stitch Fix is the Best Fix for Mom Life

I am one of those moms. You know, the ones that dove head first into motherhood without a glance back. I had dreamed of becoming a mom for so long that it just felt so natural. Being a mom is absolutely the best thing that ever happened to me. There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank my lucky stars for the gift I have been bestowed.

I have no problem giving of myself…and giving…and giving. It is worth it. I have given of my body, my sleep, and my heart with no regrets. However, my appearance has taken a serious nosedive since becoming a mom. I have hair that has turned white. Not even gray, but stark white.  Then, there are the wrinkles from the constant worrying. Scars from the cesarean section and the rare surgery I had while pregnant. And let’s not even discuss what upstairs looks like after years of breastfeeding.

Sure, I can dye my hair, apply wrinkle cream, and buy a great push-up bra. These are short term fixes. Eventually, I find yet another white hair or wrinkle and I am pretty sure these milk machines will just never be the same again. You know that old adage, “If you look good, you feel good?” Well, I have found something that does exactly that.

Why Stitch Fix is the Best Fix for Mom Life

Why Stitch Fix is the Best Fix for Moms

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If you have not yet heard of Stitch Fix, it is a subscription box program.  You fill out your style profile and select your delivery date. Your stylist will personally select five items based on your profile. There is a $20 styling fee, but it is waved if you decide to purchase any of the items. If you purchase all five of the items, you get a 25% discount! If you are not sold yet, here is why Stitch Fix is the best fix!

1. You Get Try Things On at Home

Your fix arrives and you get try everything on in the comfort of your own home. Have you tried to go clothes shopping with a toddler? I do not recommend it! While you are half naked in the dressing room, that little munchkin will crawl out under the door to take off running!

Not to mention that harsh lighting in dressing rooms. You go in feeling like a million bucks. Then, those lights beat down on you and you leave feeling like a few pennies. But, wait! It gets better! You can try the items you receive with items that you already have in your closet. You can decide if the piece helps to create new outfits and matches your style. Or, you can actually look to see if it resembles something you already have. My stylist knows me so much that sometimes she sends me pieces that are identical to pieces I already have and had forgotten about!

Or, you can actually look to see if it resembles something you already have. My stylist knows me so much that sometimes she sends me pieces that are identical to pieces I already have and had forgotten about! With each fix, your stylist also sends outfit suggestions. So, I have learned how to repurpose old pieces with new pieces in my fix in entirely different ways.

2. You Can Rotate Out Those Yoga Pants

It has been a few years since I have actually performed any sort of yoga pose, however my yoga pants are in heavy rotation in my wardrobe. Actually, my maternity yoga pants are still in rotation and my “baby” is three-and-a-half. As a busy work-at-home mom, I have fallen into the habit of not really “getting dressed” every day.

As a busy work-at-home mom, I have fallen into the habit of not really “getting dressed” every day. I mean, what is the point? I am on little sleep, I work my tail off all day, it just makes sense to put on something comfortable like yoga pants and a stained t-shirt when I shower (finally) at 4 p.m. Right? No! I am pretty sure I am scaring my neighbors and I want my daughter to learn to practice self care herself someday.

Makeup is not going to happen in my house, but my stylist has sent me some wonderful pieces that are both comfortable and stylish. She has sent luxuriously soft t-shirts and joggers that are like my favorite yoga pants, but four hundred times more flattering.

My stylist knows that I am a work-at-home mom, so she sends me pieces that are perfectly comfy for lounging behind my laptop. However, these same pieces easily transition to presentable for the outside world for preschool pickup and the trip to the grocery store or park.

3. You Save Time

Whether you like to shop in stores or online, it takes time. Ain’t nobody got time for personal shopping with the littles running amok. Forget trying to bring my toddler to a store with me. My anxiety goes into overdrive just thinking about it. She has to touch everything and forget waiting in lines. I have spent a good hour in a store to get one thing and then walked out rather than attempt to wait in line with my toddler.

I am a huge fan of online shopping, but not for myself. You want to see it and try it on! If you order something and try it on, it feels like such a hassle to send it back. Stitch Fix sends you the bag to ship your items back and shipping is FREE. You just drop off your bag (no waiting in lines because it is preaddressed and paid for) and voila! You are done. That is…if you even send any of the items back! Now you can even exchange for a different size for free, too!

4. You Will Look Better and Feel Better

Here’s the thing. My stylist makes me look good. Much better than if I actually tried to dress myself. I look put together whether I am going to a play date or to work with my students. Date night out with my hubby is a work in progress, but I actually look and feel pretty for date night in.

I am tired. Very, very tired. Spending my days in my pjs makes me feel more tired. When I put on a cute top or a pair of jeans that fit “just right”, I feel energized. It makes me feel like I can tackle my day and look pretty darn good doing it! I mean, I am no Real Housewife in full hair and makeup or anything, but I look like I might actually have my act together.

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5. You Have a Personal Stylist!

The best part about Stitch Fix is that you actually have a personal stylist! Now, be patient. At first, your stylist will rely upon the style profile you initially fill out. But, if you have a Pinterest board dedicated to your favorite pieces and styles, you can send that along, too!

With each fix, you will notice that your stylist will get better and better at choosing pieces for you. It is because your stylist is getting to know you! Try to be as detailed and specific when you give feedback on your fix. Be honest about the cut and fit. If you do not like the style of a piece and it is just not “you”, say so!

I have no idea what goes into picking the stylists for the customers, but I have been through just a few. They were all great, but my stylist now, Becki, gets me. She has sent me pieces that I never knew I always wanted. These are the items that I never would have picked out for myself. Like my navy blue puffy vest or my olive green leather jacket or my multi-colored maxi dress. But these are the pieces that are staples in my closet.

My stylist has also sent me pieces that are so close to my style that I actually already own it’s doppelganger. Only I had no idea how to wear it or mix and match. I save every style card from my stylist to refer to when creating outfits or giving suggestions for future fixes. I do not bother shopping for myself. Becki knows me better than I know myself and picks out the perfect pieces that I could never figure out for myself.

My Favorites for a Mom on the Go

Stitch Fix Mom on the Go

Have ywou tried Stitch Fix? What are your favorite mom wardrobe staples? Please comment and share below!




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    1. Right? That is definitely the look I’m rocking. It screams “I live for my child and I have not slept in days.” Like an extra on The Walking Dead with a diaper bag. Stitch Fix has helped me sooo much!

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