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How to Spend More Intentional Time with Your Children

As a work-at-home mom, I am physically present for my daughter, but often my mind is elsewhere. Ensuring that the time spent with my daughter is quality, intentional time is so important. Even if the time is brief, the moments are precious. Childhood goes by in a blur and the best thing we can do to slow down the hands of time is to stop and enjoy it.

Emma Lawson is here today to share her tips for how to spend more intentional, meaningful time with our kids. The best part is that these are easy things you can do that are fun for the entire family!

How to Spend More Intentional Time with Your Children

By Emma Lawson

How to Spend More Intentional Time with Your Children

There’s nothing more important than our family and it’s something that we teach our children from their earliest age. And what better way to show them how much we love them than to spend as much time with them as possible. Here are some tips on how to plan your activities and make that time interesting and fun for all.

Have Fun at Home

Choose one night every week when you all stay at home and do something as a family. Friday or Saturday nights are perfect for that, but allow your children to decide on one or the other. Also, if you let them choose the activity for each of your evenings together, they will enjoy it much more. You can watch a film, play a board game, or even cook a meal together.

Play Sports Together

laying Sports with Kids

This can be very enjoyable for you and your children. Choose a sport you can do with them, and pick any afternoon to do it. You can even take up a sport with your children and practice it twice or three times a week in order to bond with them even more.

Explore Nature

Step outside, please. And not without your children! Get some fresh air and feast your eyes on all the

green. Go hiking, ride a bicycle with your little ones or simply throw a Frisbee in the park. Visit your local zoo or botanical garden. Any of those activities will be valuable to you and your children’s relationship.

Decorate Your House for Holidays

Decorate for the Holidays

Kids love being creative and this is a wonderful way for them to show it. Carve pumpkins for Halloween or decorate your Christmas tree together. Put reindeer on your lawn and Christmas lights along your porch. Even cleaning the house in preparation for the holidays can turn into precious bonding time if you present it as a fun activity and include the whole family.

Teach Your Children to Cook

Kid Cooking

Letting your children help you in the kitchen is a great way to spend time together. Whether you’re cooking, baking or doing the washing up, your children will gladly join in and they will be excited to do so. Teach them how to knead or roll dough, which are often the activities they enjoy most. Under supervision, let them use a hand mixer or reheat their meal in a microwave oven. Show them how you wash the dishes and where you put the clean plates and glasses, so that they can do it with you. As mothers, we’re bound to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so this can become a regular way to socialize more with your kids.

Go on a Trip

Organize a short trip once in a while. Use your days off work either to visit relatives as a family, or to take your children on a fun trip to somewhere they’ve never been before. Explore new places, go camping or sightseeing and make your journey a fun one for your children. It’s important they find these activities enjoyable. If you know you’ll have to spend a lot of time in your car, bring some of their toys or their favourite Go Travel kids’ pillow to make them comfortable. You can also use the drive to play games like ‘I spy’ or tell them interesting stories about your own childhood.

Read Together

Kid Reading

If your children can’t read yet, make it a habit to read stories to them. However, once they do learn how to read the stories themselves, it doesn’t mean you should just leave them to it. You don’t have to read to them anymore, but you can read with them. When they see you read your book, they will more likely decide on reading theirs. Sit close to your children while reading and make them a cup of tea or hot cocoa, so that they can relate reading to something pleasant and delightful.

Your children will grow up faster than you expect, so there isn’t a minute to waste. There’s no time like the present, so start spending more time with your children today and make every minute count.

How do you spend intentional time with your children? Please comment and share below!

9 thoughts on “How to Spend More Intentional Time with Your Children

  1. Such great ideas! I really like them all. My son and I played some indoor soccer today, and the joy from him was wonderful. It was so nice to focus on my kid and not be distracted by anything.

  2. My little man and I baked sugar cookies together this weekend, just the two of us and it was awesome. Seeing those little two year old hands work the rolling pin and cookie cutters just melted my heart. And he was so proud!

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