The Best Holiday Gift Guide for New Moms

The BEST Holiday Gift Guide for New Moms

It is officially the holiday season! You are probably already making your list and checking it twice. One of the hardest people to shop for on your list is a new mom. She is probably the most deserving of a great gift, but she is most likely too exhausted to tell you what she really wants.

The baby shower may have been held recently for your new mom friend, but those gifts are for the baby. You want to get something just for mom. However, baby shower gifts do not go on trees, so you may not have extra cash in this year’s holiday budget. Do not despair! This holiday gift guide for new moms includes gifts that are perfect for new moms and are budget friendly!

The BEST Holiday Gift Guide for New Moms

The Best Holiday Gift Guide for New Moms

*The following contains affiliate links. There is no cost to you to use my links, but I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase.

1. The Ergo Baby Carrier: The Gift That Lasts Forever (or until baby is about 40 pounds!)

Okay, I know what you are thinking. You said budget friendly, Brittany! A good baby carrier is expensive! Allow me to explain. First of all, this is the best gift ever for a new mom and it is something that she will use every day, all day for years to come. If you price it out per use, it is like you get money back! Okay, not really, but you catch my drift.

Secondly, this is the perfect gift to go in on with several friends or family members. Here’s what you do. Get the Newborn Baby Bundle from Ergo. This bundle comes with your choice of baby carrier, infant insert, teething pad, nursing pillow, and swaddler. If you use my affiliate link, you will receive 25% off the entire bundle.

On your holiday gift guide for new moms: The Ergo Newborn Baby Bundle

I have the four position baby carrier in Carbon Grey, the cool mesh infant insert, and the elephant swaddler. My parents went in on this gift and it seriously the best “mom” gift I have ever received. The secret to getting anything accomplished as a new mom is using my Ergo carrier! Now, my daughter is two and I still use my Ergo carrier!

If you go in on this bundle, you will have several gifts to wrap and give to the new mom in your life. However, it will not cost you an arm and a leg, especially if you use my coupon! For other coupons and deals from Ergo, please feel free to contact me!

2. Subscription Boxes for Moms (The Gift That Keeps On Giving)

I am totally into subscription boxes right now! There are three that are just perfect for moms. These are great gifts to give if you live at a great distance from the new mom in your life. They all have free shipping and there is nothing to wrap because it is all done for you! If you are a mom, these are gifts you should think about giving yourself every month!

The Holiday Gift Guide for New Moms

Stitch Fix

*I am not an affiliate for Stitch Fix, but by clinking on the link, I may earn a referral credit.

This subscription box makes you feel like a celebrity with a personal stylist. You go to and create your individual style profile. A stylist compiles five items for you based on your style preferences. There is a $20 styling fee, but that is applied to any item you may keep from your shipment. If you keep all five items, you get 25% off!

There have been months where I have not kept anything and months where I kept everything! You can send notes to your stylist or ask them to check out your Pinterest board to best match your style.

I love this subscription box because as a busy mom, I do not have time to shop for myself. My goal this year has also been to make myself look less like a hot mess. The transformation is not yet complete, but it helps to receive stylish and quality pieces on my doorstep each month.

For gifting, you can set up an account for someone else and then allow them to complete their own style profile. Or you can send a gift card. If you were thinking of gifting the new mom in your life clothes this holiday season, this is the way to do it. You do not even have to pick the clothes! A personal stylist is going to pick the best pieces!

Stitch Fix Gift

Le Tote

You know how the celebrities get to borrow clothes from fabulous designers all the time? That is the concept for Le Tote. You pick five items from their wide array of clothing and accessories to borrow for as long as you want. If there is something you love, you keep it. Otherwise, you send your items back and receive your next shipment in a matter of days.

Again, you can create a style profile by adding items to your “closet”. However, you are able to customize your tote and swap items in and out once it is styled and before it is shipped. There are even maternity totes available!

Why is this the most fabulous gift to send to a new mom? One, let’s be honest. It takes quite a while to get your figure back after having a baby. A new mom does not want to buy new clothes when the plan is to drop the baby weight. However, the other option is keep wearing your maternity clothes and that is just depressing! This way, the new mom can borrow clothes in the size she is, return them, and order clothes in a new size!

Secondly, there is no laundry involved. You wear the clothes, put them in the provided bag, and ship them back free of charge. Furthermore, there is no dry cleaning! I was spending so much money on dry cleaning my work clothes! At $39 per month, this is far cheaper! As a work from home mom that occasionally has to go into the office, my totes are a mixture of casual items, “Mom on the Go” outfits, and work attire. My whole wardrobe is mailed to me every week!

Lastly, the customer service for Le Tote is amazing. They are so prompt and accommodating with any and all issues. As a matter of fact, they have given me several free totes to share with friends, so if you want to try it before gifting it, contact me! I am not an affiliate, just a happy customer.

Le Tote Gift

Pampered Mommy Box

I just became an affiliate for this subscription box because I was checking it out to send to one of my new mommy friends. Pampered Mommy Box is exactly what it sounds like. It is a box filled with beauty, bath, health, and wellness products especially for moms. Every month is a new box full of luxurious products delivered to the new mom’s doorstep. You can send a one-time gift box for $35 or set up a monthly service for $30 per month.

Again, new moms have little time to perform any self-care. Showers are a luxury and a race against time. However, if that mom has a fabulous bath product to make that quick hop in the shower even slightly more rejuvenating, it is worth every penny. We moms always place self-care last on our “To Do” lists. But, if a mom is gifted with a box full of items designed to pamper…she might just make herself a priority. It is definitely worth a shot!

Pampered Mommy Gift Box

3. The Number One Gift Every New Mom Wants (and it’s FREE)

This is the NUMBER one gift I have begged for since becoming a mom. I ask for it every birthday, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. What is it that we moms want more than anything? Time. I want time to myself to just take a nap or read a book. Maybe I could even go to the gym or shopping or get a pedicure!

When you are a new mom, you devote every second of every day (and night) to your baby. You do this without (much) complaint. However, we long to take a nap without being climbed upon or to take longer than three minutes to bathe ourselves. If we could maybe even have a bit of silence to just lay. Do nothing, just lay. Aaahhhh. It would be miraculous.

The number one item on your holiday gift guide for new moms should be to give her the gift of time to herself. Use my free printables to print and give to mom this holiday season or create one of your own! I have one listed below for you to grab right now, but you can get access to me entire FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY by subscribing below. See, a little gift for you!

What is most important is that you let the new mom in your life know that she is appreciated and supported. Let her know that it is okay to relax and pamper herself this  holiday season! This is the gift she will be the most grateful for!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my holiday gift guide for new moms! What do you think of my picks? Is there anything you would add to the list? Please comment and share below!

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