Create a Safe Bathroom Bathroom for Kids

How to Create a Safe Bathroom for Kids

As a toddler mom, I have spent a great deal of time in the bathroom as of late. Potty training and it’s aftermath means that the bathroom suddenly becomes your new favorite hang out spot. As you sit upon the bathroom floor, waiting for your toddler to potty, you may begin to view your bathroom in a new light.

Perhaps you suddenly see the hidden dangers lurking in your Potty Prison…errr…palace. Or perhaps you receive divine inspiration to reorganize the entire space. Well, you are in luck! Lori Longoria from is here to help! Today, Lori will share her best tips on how to keep your bathroom both safe and organized.

How to Create a Safe Bathroom for Kids

By Lori Longoria

How to Create a Safe Bathroom for Kids

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. However, it is
also a very dangerous room that has caused a lot of deaths and serious
injuries, with the majority of injuries occurring while bathing followed by
slipping on the floor and falling. In order to ensure you keep your kids safe
whenever they are in the bathroom you have to ensure you organize the
bathroom in such a way safety come first.

Below we have discussed some bathroom safety ideas that you can adapt to ensure
your child remains safe and at the same time comfortable when they are in the

12 Tips for Bathroom Safety

1. Keep Detergents, Soaps, and Bleach on the Top Shelf

Detergents, soaps, and bleach contain a lot of harmful chemicals that may be
dangerous to a toddler if they swallow them. Children can also pour them on
clothes or on the floor by accident and cause losses that could have been avoided.
To prevent this you can place them on the topmost shelf where kids can't reach
them easily. You can also separate the kid’s soap from the rest to avoid
contaminating them or misplacing them.

2. Install a Medium Height Toilet

For the toilet, installing a medium height toilet sink is the best idea. If you put a
shorter one it may get uncomfortable for you and the kids may as well outgrow
them. Unless a kid is using a potty, a four-year- old child and above can easily use a
medium height toilet.

3. Paint the Bathroom with Bright Colors and Stickers

In order to make the bathroom more lively and attractive to kids, you can paint the
wall with bright colors or put stickers on the wall. This will make a kid more
relaxed while they are being washed because the environment is more friendly and

4. Install Hooks Instead of Towel Bars

It is difficult for children to hang a wet towel on towel bars, plus towels can drop
on the floor if they are not properly hanged on the bars. Installing hooks makes
things easy for them to hang and take off a towel when they are in the bathroom.
Towel bars take up a lot of space too because you can hang several hooks on a
small area. Moreover, beside a towel, a lot more things can be hanged on a hook.

5. Have a Different Storage System for the Kid’s Towels and Soaps

In order to avoid mixing up things you are advised to have a different storage for
the kid’s things in the bathroom, it saves time because all the kid’s things are
separated from the others.This makes it easy to organize the bathroom when you are cleaning up. It also creates more storage space rather than keeping everything in one place, making it easy to locate the kids things in the bathroom.

6. Buy or Build Stable Wooden Steps for Shorter Kids

Shorter kids have a difficulty in reaching important parts of the bathroom like the
sink. Having a good quality step or a stool could help them reach a sink
comfortably. This will reduce their struggle to reach the sink or anything that they
need that is far from their reach.

However, you have to ensure the stool is of high quality and stable, a weak stool can
drop a child exposing them to more danger. If you have the necessary skills and
equipment you can also build one such stool or request a carpenter to make one for
you according to your specifications.

7. Label Everything

To make it easy for them to locate their things you can label them, this will help
them easily know their things and where they can be found. This makes things
easier for kids especially if things look alike, this will also shorten the amount of
time they spend in the bathroom looking for what they need.

8. Never Leave a Child Unattended in the Bathroom

Anything can happen in the bathroom in a split second, it is among one of the most
dangerous rooms in the house. Children are at the highest risk of bathroom
accident, to prevent this you have to be on the lookout and be watchful.
In case you have to get out of the bathroom it is advisable you walk out with your
child or leave them under safer conditions as long as you are not staying for long.

9. Keep All Electrical Appliances Away

Anything that uses electricity like hairdryers poses a lot of danger to anyone,
especially children. Children can drop them in water which may electrocute them to
death. Taking them away from the bathroom when they are not in use or keeping
them away from the reach of children can ensure their safety in the bathroom.

In case the kids have to use them ensure they have used appropriately in the right
manner and under supervision. You can also replace electrical appliances with
those that do not need electricity because they are more safer and can be used by
children with minimal supervision.

10. Lock the Medicine Cabinet

The medicine cabinet is among the most dangerous places in the bathroom. The
only way to ensure your kids don’t access it is by locking it and keeping the key in a
secure place. If it can be possible you should build it high up where children can’t
reach easily.

In the medicine cabinet, you should ensure that there are basic first aid equipment,
painkillers, and other important things. When you have kids in a house anything
can happen therefore having such things in your bathroom can help you.

11. Have a Designated Spot for Toys

Kids hate showering, in order to encourage them to shower you can have toys in
the bathroom. These toys should be waterproof so that kids can play with them in
the water as they take a shower.

For safety reasons you should ensure you have a place where the toys can be stored
to prevent scattering them all over the bathroom floor which may cause accidents.
Having a toy storage also improves the organization of the bathroom leaving it
looking neat.

12. Hang Mirrors Securely

Mirrors are very dangerous and can cause serious injuries like deep cuts which may
lead to over bleeding and eventually death. To avoid this you are supposed to hang
up mirrors or permanently screw them to the wall. This will make it difficult for
kids to reach them. You are also supposed to dispose of broken mirrors in order to prevent any form of

For toddlers who do not know how to walk or talk you have to make sure
whenever they are in the bathroom, they are under supervision. You may
organize your bathroom in such a way it is accident proof for your kid but still
an accident can occur, in the bathroom danger lurks everywhere.

How are you keeping your bathroom safe? Have a great hack for organizing your kid’s bathroom? Please comment and share below!

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