3 Unconventional Ways to Cheer Up Your Baby

Babies usually seem perpetually delighted by everything around them. After all, this is a brand new world with so much to see, touch, and shove into your mouth! I actually found that my daughter was more easily soothed as an infant. As a toddler, life is just.so.dramatic. (Cue eye roll!)

However, from time-to-time, babies get a little grumpy. You can’t blame them. We parents do not always understand what they are trying to tell us. Sometimes mom decides to wear that blouse with all the buttons. Then, there is gas. And do not even get them started on teething.

Once, when my baby was feeling less than her little exhuberant self, I decided to try a trick I saw on Friends. That’s right. I busted out some Sir Mix A Lot and before I got to the first chorus, she was giggling her little heart out. So, if your little one is feeling a little down in the diaper, check out these unique tips for making your baby giggle!

3 Unconventional Ways to Cheer Up Your Baby

Guest Post By Erica Johnson

3 Unconventional Ways To Cheer Up Your Baby

While some babies seem to have a sixth sense to know when overwhelmed parents need a little comic relief, some infants may need a little coaxing to be rewarded with a grin. If your baby is feeling a little down, here are 3 unconventional ways to cheer up your baby by InnerParents when your go-to moves just aren’t working.

1. Looking for laughter? Give your baby raspberries on their hands, feet, and tummy.

It’s not a secret that infants loved to be touched. Blowing gentle raspberries on their tiny little feet, hands, and belly are one of the best ways to make your baby grin. Not only is it ticklish, babies find the sound to be hilarious as well. You will know just how much they enjoy the sound when they start to imitate it themselves. Make sure to pair those raspberries with tons of kisses for added giggles and enjoyment.

2. Cranky baby? Blow bubbles across the room.

Almost every baby I have come across has been fascinated with the amazing magic of bubbles. Can you blame them? If you have ever attended a parenting with your little one then you have probably seen firsthand as the instructor blows bubbles and the babies are completely transfixed. Some are even inspired to crawl towards the shiny substance. Better yet, who doesn’t experience some kind of relief from blowing bubbles and watching them dance through the air? This is a cheap way entertain your baby that they will fall in love with. Plus blowing bubbles has developmental benefits.

3. Need a distraction? Dance it out.

Babies are born with an inherent love for music. I’m sure you’ve seen the way that babies start to groove when a great jam comes up. I have witnessed some children that have rhythms that are better than adults! Whenever my little one is grouchy, I turn on some tunes and start dancing. She absolutely loves it and forgets why she was sad in the first place! Try pairing your little one’s favorite song with silly exaggerated movements. Remember, the sillier and more exaggerated the better it will be. Before long, they will be laughing and dancing right along side with you.

When it doubt, don’t be afraid to bring in some family and friend reinforcement. I know that my loved ones usually can’t wait to see my little one’s bright and beautiful smile. Sometimes our baby is a lot more willing to act behaved in front of friends and family. Don’t be discouraged if they end up giving your mother-in-law a smile for doing all of the same things you were trying! As long as your baby is happy and giggly then you are doing your job.

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