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How to Create Clickable Winning Pinterest Pins

How to Create a Clickable, Winning Pinterest Pin

How to create a clickable, winning Pinterest pin in something I have struggled with since the beginning of my blogging journey. As I mentioned last month, I am systematically going through my old blog posts. One thing I have noticed, like going through old school papers, is my pins could use some work! Related Post: […]

August Instagram Challenge and How I Made $89

Instagram Challenge and How I Made $89 in a Slow Month

The summer months are slow on the blog and yet I made $89 without breaking a sweat. Well, actually I was sweating because we are triple digit temperatures where I live, but that is an entirely different story. Traffic is down and yet this is the most income I have generated on the blog! Pretty […]

Revamp Your Blog

How to Revamp Your Blog and Increase Blog Traffic

People always ask what we teachers do on summer break. The truth is, we never stop working. Maybe it is a compulsion of some sort. It is like we just cannot help ourselves. Even after fourteen years, my work is never done. I am always looking over my lessons and trying to find ways to […]