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The 5 Most Essential (and Amazing) Essential Oils

A few words of disclosure before I officially disclose my many imperfections and unique (strange) obsessions. I am not a doctor nor an expert on essential oils. Rather, I am just a regular old mom. I am simply delving into this world of essential oils and learning as I go! A Journey to Essential Oils […]

Ways Being Healthy Can Be Fun

The 5 Ways Being Healthy Can Be Fun!

  Summer is officially here and much like the first few weeks after the new year, we are all in a frenzy to make healthy choices. Whether we are inspired to get rid of that holiday hangover or we want that beach bod, it is always the season to get healthy. As moms, when we […]

How to Entertain Your Sick Toddler

How to Keep a Sick Toddler Entertained

If you are reading this right now, you are probably covered in boogers and lying under a pile of used tissue. You are afraid of moving, lest you wake the not-so-giant sleeping toddler. I understand you have only a short time before you have to get back to it, so I will make this quick. […]