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Toddler Christmas Gifts

A Toddler’s Ultimate List of Fun and Educational Christmas Gifts for Santa

The greatest part about the holiday season for me this year is that my toddler is starting to “get it”. My daughter is starting to feel the tingle. Santa Claus is less scary, Christmas trees are magical, and Christmas Carols are so much fun to sing. She does not quite get that the day is […]

How to Spend More Intentional Time with Your Children FB

How to Spend More Intentional Time with Your Children

As a work-at-home mom, I am physically present for my daughter, but often my mind is elsewhere. Ensuring that the time spent with my daughter is quality, intentional time is so important. Even if the time is brief, the moments are precious. Childhood goes by in a blur and the best thing we can do […]

The Power of Giving Teaching Our Children

The Power of Giving: Teaching and Inspiring Our Children

When we become parents, we automatically begin to selflessly give of ourselves. We do not even think about it because it feels so natural. There is nothing we would not give our do for our children. Our bodies, our hearts, our time, and even our lives. We give happily and willingly. But what of giving […]