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Parenting How to Childproof Your Home Like a Pro in 2018

How to Childproof Your Home Like a Pro in 2018

Before becoming a parent, I read just about every parenting book I could my hot little hands on. I polled all of my friends that were already parents and peppered them with a million questions. One topic came up quite a bit. Safety. Well, to be honest, safety was a close second after baby bodily […]

Create a Safe Bathroom Bathroom for Kids

How to Create a Safe Bathroom for Kids

As a toddler mom, I have spent a great deal of time in the bathroom as of late. Potty training and it’s aftermath means that the bathroom suddenly becomes your new favorite hang out spot. As you sit upon the bathroom floor, waiting for your toddler to potty, you may begin to view your bathroom […]

perfect night's sleep

6 Tips to Get Your Little One a Perfect Night’s Sleep

If you know me personally or follow this blog even a little, you know that there are no sleeping beauties in this household. I am pretty much always awake. In fact, I should be sleeping right now. My daughter apparently inherited the sleep avoidance trait along with my curly locks. “Sleep when the baby sleeps,” […]