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Creative Ways to Save for College

5 Creative Ways to Save for Your Child’s College Fund

As a mom and a teacher, I know the importance of education. However, saving for your child’s college fun can be very daunting! Perhaps you are already adding to your child’s piggy bank. However, Hayden is here today to offer some creative, outside-the-box ways for us all to put away a little extra! 5 Creative […]

Start Saving For College Early

How to Start Saving for College Early

My daughter is only three-years-old, but I have been contemplating her future since before she was even born. As a mom, I want her to be healthy and happy. As a teacher, I know the importance of education and I want her to find success through education. However, making these kinds of choices when it […]

How to Budget for Your Child’s College Education

It is tax season and as you are going over your family’s finances, you are probably discussing your budget for the upcoming year. How can you save money? Where can you save money? Is there any way you can cut spending? These are questions all families ask, especially if you have children. Here is one […]