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3 Fun Summer Activities

3 Fun Summer Activities That Help Your Child Grow

As a teacher, I cannot fully describe the feeling of summer break. It is not that I do not adore my students or miss them during my weeks off. Of course, I do. However, I put my heart and soul into my students and my lessons during the school year. When summer hits, I need […]

Why KidloLand is the Best Educational App for Toddlers

I do not normally get too excited about screen time for my toddler. In fact, I would not allow her to even be in the same room as a television for the first year of her life. Then, she discovered Sesame Street and Disney movies. I realized I could not banish all screen time from […]

7 Reasons Why You Need to Get Toddlers Out of the House

7 Reasons Why You Need to Get Toddlers Out of the House Daily

If you are a work at home mom or a stay at home mom with a toddler, you know the struggle. Whether you need to do something for your job or complete a household chore, everything takes twice as long with a toddler. They are filled with this boundless energy that just cannot be contained. […]