Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

A Fairy Tale Dream Come True

My life now is truly a dream of motherhood come true. It is very much like a fairy tale in that I feel like I am living my happily ever after. I am so grateful for this gift of motherhood I have been granted. Perhaps I do have a Fairy Godmother or maybe just a little bit of magic that allowed all of this to become a reality.

What most princesses will not likely tell you is that life at the castle is not always perfect. Perfection does not exist. It does not exist in fairy tales and it certainly does not exist in motherhood! These are a collection of stories I have compiled on this blog about my fairy tale dream come true of motherhood. They may sound like stories about princesses, but there is more reality included in these tales than magic.

Fairy Tales and Other Stories

These fairy tales tell the story of one very grateful, yet exhausted mother and her delightful and mischievous princess. I have shared what I have learned as a new mom and queen of the castle. There are a few recipes for magic potions or rather lessons I have learned or parenting tips and tricks I have picked up. I have also doused these tales thoroughly with humor as nobody tells you that life at the castle is more hilarious than magical.

Please enjoy and please comment and share your own parenting tales below!
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Sleeping Beauty (The Story of the Baby Who Never Sleeps)
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The Milk Maid (A Tale of Breastfeeding)