Baby's First Bath

How to Make Baby’s First Bath Sweet and Safe

Is there anything sweeter than giving your baby that first bath? I remember it so clearly. There are so many “firsts” when you have a new baby, but there is something about that first bath that is truly special. Those first few days, you keep that little love wrapped up so tight. When bath day […]

Be a Mom Boss Work at Home

How to Be a Mom Boss and Work at Home

I am very passionate about my career as a teacher. Even after well over a decade in the profession, I am still highly motivated to this best job I can for my students. I never even considered the possibility of working from home. But then, after years and years of trying, I brought home a […]

Why KidloLand is the Best Educational App for Toddlers

I do not normally get too excited about screen time for my toddler. In fact, I would not allow her to even be in the same room as a television for the first year of her life. Then, she discovered Sesame Street and Disney movies. I realized I could not banish all screen time from […]