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Revamp Your Blog

How to Revamp Your Blog and Increase Blog Traffic

People always ask what we teachers do on summer break. The truth is, we never stop working. Maybe it is a compulsion of some sort. It is like we just cannot help ourselves. Even after fourteen years, my work is never done. I am always looking over my lessons and trying to find ways to […]

February Blog Traffic

February Blog Traffic and the Power of Pinterest

I was more determined than ever this month to continue to drive traffic to my blog. Let me tell you, this is no easy feat! I had my best month ever in January as a result of a post that went viral. However, I had my doubts that I could keep up the momentum. This […]

Pinterest for Blog Traffic

How to Increase Blog Traffic With Just ONE Thing

I have now been blogging for six whole months consistently. The one thing you learn as a new blogger is the importance of blog traffic. Once you have written your amazing post, you have to get people to your site to actually read it! I have been diligently working on increasing blog traffic and been […]