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The Importance of Reading: How to Make Your Kids Fall in Love with Books

As a teacher and a mom, reading with kids is part of my daily routine. Part of the reason I became a teacher was to teach children how to read. I have been an avid reader my entire life. It is my absolute favorite hobby. However, a love of reading is not something you are […]

Awesome Educational Resources for Parents AND Teachers

There is a saying that says, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Let’s just say that as a teacher, I know a thing or two about preparation. I spend quite a bit of time researching standards, developing lesson plans, and creating engaging lessons for my students. In fact, I was preparing lessons for […]

5 Little Turkeys

What To Teach Your Toddler About Thanksgiving

Toddlers are a bit young for the whole first Thanksgiving history lesson, but there is still a lot you can teach your toddler about Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to celebrate with family and friends, but it is also chock full of learning opportunities for your little ones! *This post contains affiliate […]