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5 Perfect Ideas for Your Toddler’s Easter Basket

Hippity Hoppity, Easter is on its way! This holiday is so much fun for toddlers. What is not to love about staining your fingers with egg dye and seeing fluffy bunnies everywhere you look? My toddler does not yet fully understand the holiday and what it represents, but she sure does love all of the […]

Fun and Frugal Crafting Ideas You Can Do with Your Kids

I love doing crafts with my toddler. Crafting seems to bring out both of our creative sides! We have the opportunity to bond, learn, and even get a little messy. However, not all craft projects are designed with kids in mind and all those craft supplies…well, it can get pretty pricey! Tracey Clayton, contributing author at […]

How To Make Valentine’s Day a Family Celebration

The first Valentine’s Day I ever celebrated with my husband (then boyfriend), I received a surprise knock on the door in the middle of the afternoon. There stood my husband, dressed as Cupid himself, clutching four carrots tied together in the shape of a diamond. A four “carrot” diamond, get it? That was a memorable […]