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10 Amazing Things to Do in Carmel, California

In my previous post, Carmel, California: The Perfect Family Vacation, I described my love of this incredible town and how it is the perfect place to visit for your next family vacation. I listed several fabulous places to stay and where to dine. This post is all about the awesome things you can do with […]

Carmel Family Vacation

Carmel, California: The Perfect Family Vacation (Part 1)

I thought I would continue with the travel theme this week and talk about one of my favorite places on Earth, Carmel, California. My husband, a native Las Vegan (they DO exist!) has been frequenting this locale since he was a kid. His parents discovered this little seaside gem and realized it is the perfect […]

Family Friendly Tips for Your Trip to Fabulous Las Vegas

I wrote this article for Hilary over at Roam, Child. Be sure to check out her site for tips on traveling with your family! I am a proud resident of the fabulous city of Las Vegas. Right now, you may be picturing a blond, six-foot-tall show girl gingerly sipping upon a martini in the penthouse […]