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How to Keep Your Child Safe: The Turn After 2 Campaign

  As parents, we strive to keep our children safe. If we could keep them in a bubble, we would. A bubble made of all-natural materials, yet impenetrable would be preferable. Before becoming parents we read and research, but often we rely on the advice of our friends and family. However, sometimes we do not […]

Benefits of Raising Your Child with a Pet

Raising Caring and Responsible Kids: Benefits of Growing Up with Pets

This week we celebrated my dog’s fifth birthday. I can’t even begin to explain what a wonderful addition Gracie has been to our family. When we were told we had less than a 1% chance of having a child of our own, we decided to adopt a fur baby. Two weeks later, we were pregnant. […]

How to Budget for Your Child’s College Education

It is tax season and as you are going over your family’s finances, you are probably discussing your budget for the upcoming year. How can you save money? Where can you save money? Is there any way you can cut spending? These are questions all families ask, especially if you have children. Here is one […]