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How to Grill Chicken Wings

How to Grill Chicken with an Innovative New Gadget

Spring is here, which means it’s grilling season! We love grilling something every weekend. It is the perfect way to cap off a long, hard work week. The smell of charcoal in the air coupled with a light breeze upon your skin is the perfect way to spend the weekend. We plan the meals together, […]

How To Make Valentine’s Day a Family Celebration

The first Valentine’s Day I ever celebrated with my husband (then boyfriend), I received a surprise knock on the door in the middle of the afternoon. There stood my husband, dressed as Cupid himself, clutching four carrots tied together in the shape of a diamond. A four “carrot” diamond, get it? That was a memorable […]

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Recipes…with a Twist

Thanksgiving is all about tradition, right? Wrong! This year try Thanksgiving with a twist! Don’t get me wrong. Cooking a turkey and all the trimmings is certainly delicious. There is nothing quite like that leftover turkey sandwich the next day. But why not try something different? Think outside the box! Mash it up! And I […]