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What to Pack in Your Toddler Mom Survival Kit

What to Pack in Your Toddler Mom Survival Kit

I love being the mom to a precocious little toddler. This age is seriously so much fun. I was not kidding when I claimed in my previous post that the Terrible Two’s Are Not So Terrible. The age of two is actually a riot, but there is also a component of this age that tends to […]

Toddler Swim Lessons

How to Keep Afloat During Toddler Swim Lessons

This summer, I enrolled my daughter in the toddler swim class at our local pool. She loves the water and I thought she would have the time of her life. How little I knew. Our twice weekly swimming lessons were enough to drive me to drink. I thought my daughter would learn valuable skills that […]

How to Survive Target Shopping with a Toddler

Today I had an epic parenting fail. I had a long list of items to buy at Target and I brought my toddler along for the ride. Like most moms, I love Target. The store has everything. It has a pharmacy, produce, paper products, diapers, clothing, and snacks. All at fabulous prices! Some Target stores […]