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How To Parent With Sensitivity

By demonstrating that you are sensitive to your child’s feelings and toddler behavior, you are showing your child how to be empathetic to others. You are teaching your child patience, compassion, and how to problem solve. Most importantly, you are helping to foster a relationship built upon trust and understanding.

Why Baby-Wearing Is Not Just For Babies

I can surmise that although she loves her freedom to explore the world, she also still craves the closeness we so often shared when she was an infant. I believe that she uses this time of close physical proximity to fill up on the security and confidence she needs to go back into the world and investigate all that it has to offer. Like recharging her batteries.

Magic Words

I am one grateful mama and have found realizing my dream of motherhood has been everything I ever hoped for…and more. Some days are like living a real fairy tale where everyone is smiling and we all feel like we lived happily ever after. On the other hand, some days are like being trapped in a bell tower with a fire-breathing dragon.