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Why the terrible twos are not so terrible

22 Reasons Why the Terrible 2’s Are Not So Terrible

For the first twenty-three and a half months of my daughter’s life, I was constantly warned, “Just wait…the terrible two’s are coming!” My daughter’s second birthday came and went while I still waited for the terrible-ness to ensue. Just to lay all of my cards on the table, there are days that I fall into […]

Toddler Obsessions

How to Survive Your Toddler’s Obsessions

*Updated Post What is it about tiny humans and their bizarre obsessions? It seems that every few weeks my daughter is onto a new obsession. To be clear, it is not that she is really “into” one thing or another. It is that she has developed a fascination that is all-consuming, all-encompassing, and somehow takes […]

Behavior Strategies for Toddlers

4 Easy Behavior Strategies for Toddler Troubles that Work!

My Bachelor’s degree is in Psychology and when I was going to school behaviorism was all the rage. B.F. Skinner was our guru and he taught us that in order to understand behavior, you must look at the causes and the consequences. I honestly did not think I would ever apply my knowledge of Skinner […]