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How to Do Preschool at Home Plants

How to Do Preschool at Home (Plants Theme)

As a teacher, I cannot stress enough the importance of early education. Think of it like this. Helping your child develop their early learning skills is like investing in a very reliable stock. Invest now and you can expect a guaranteed return year after year. There has been a great deal of research that has […]

How to Entertain Your Sick Toddler

How to Keep a Sick Toddler Entertained

If you are reading this right now, you are probably covered in boogers and lying under a pile of used tissue. You are afraid of moving, lest you wake the not-so-giant sleeping toddler. I understand you have only a short time before you have to get back to it, so I will make this quick. […]

How to Keep Your Child Safe: The Turn After 2 Campaign

*This article was originally published on Huffington Post. I had the tremendous honor of interviewing celebrity mom, Daphne Oz, and pediatrician, Dr. David Hill. The information in this article and the Turn After 2 campaign is all about keeping children safe, a cause I strongly believe in! Check it out and help spread the word! […]