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How to Keep Your Child Safe: The Turn After 2 Campaign

  As parents, we strive to keep our children safe. If we could keep them in a bubble, we would. A bubble made of all-natural materials, yet impenetrable would be preferable. Before becoming parents we read and research, but often we rely on the advice of our friends and family. However, sometimes we do not […]

Eric Carle

3 Guaranteed Reasons to Love Eric Carle

I love Eric Carle. Let’s just put that out into the universe. After teaching elementary school for over thirteen years, I can’t help but love Eric Carle. When my daughter was born I transitioned from a “brick and mortar” classroom to virtual teaching. The advantage is that I am home with my daughter while still […]

5 Perfect Ideas for Your Toddler’s Easter Basket

Hippity Hoppity, Easter is on its way! This holiday is so much fun for toddlers. What is not to love about staining your fingers with egg dye and seeing fluffy bunnies everywhere you look? My toddler does not yet fully understand the holiday and what it represents, but she sure does love all of the […]