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Toddler Tales

Oh, the life of a toddler. It is like living with a tiny drunk person. Sometimes they are just a little buzzed, but happy. Often, they are stumbling over themselves in full-on party mode. However, there are those times when that little person becomes an emotional wreck who screams and cries while mumbling incoherent words and phrases. Then it is time to put that little party animal directly to bed.

I have written quite a bit about my toddler’s raucous exploits. I do not claim to have all the answers for how to survive toddler life. Some days, I am just hanging on by the skin of my teeth.

Yes, I have been a teacher for over thirteen years AND I have a degree in Psychology. However, my students have ranged from ages seven to ten. Therefore, most have been potty trained at the very least. As for psychology, Freud may have had a lot to say about this egocentric age, but I doubt even he had all the answers.

The truth is, this is my first go at raising a toddler. I read a lot of mommy blogs and parenting books. Most importantly, I try to learn from my mistakes. Then, i write about my epic fails for all of you to laugh at…err…learn from.

I have been very lucky to have published many of my toddler tales and articles featuring my parenting tips on Huffington Post, Creative Child, and The Tribe Magazine. This page will serve as a compilation of all of my toddler tales, including my parenting wins and losses!

Please feel free to comment and share your own toddler tales! I would love to hear your stories!

Parenting Toddlers

These articles include parenting tips and tricks for raising your toddler. I have learned a lot through trial and error and these articles are the results of my experience and a LOT of reading!

5 Reasons Why Extended Breastfeeding is Awesome…Not Weird
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Toddler Life

These articles are all about what to do with your toddler. “What to do” as in activities for learning and play, not like “what to do” as in lock them in a bell tower until they reach the age of reasonableness.

Am I a Dance Mom?
Back to “School” Essentials for Toddlers
Princesses and Snowballs
How to Survive Your Toddler’s Obsessions
Why Sesame Street is the Best Show Ever 

Toddler Behavior

I adore my daughter and she is as sweet as the day is long, but…she is two. She has tested me with every naughty toddler behavior imaginable. Most of these tips and tricks I have figured out the hard way. After exhausting all other ideas and efforts, sometimes…just sometimes, I find something that actually works!

A Magic Potion (For Toddler Tantrums)
Behavior Strategies for Toddler Troubles That Work!
Magic Words

Cooking with Your Toddler

I had my daughter cooking in the kitchen probably before she uttered her first word! It is the best thing I could have done. My daughter loves all kinds of foods and various cuisines. She is respectful of the tools and devices in the kitchen. We have also discovered the planning meals, creating recipes, and cooking together has been a wonderful way for our family to bond.

Cooking with Kids Of Any Age with Hands On Recipes
How to Teach Your Toddler to Cook (Recipes Included!)
The 5 Ways Being Healthy Can Be Fun

Toddler Travel Tips

You may be tempted to hide away until the toddler years have passed, but it really is not the most practical solution. Eventually, you have to go out into the world and you might just want to try take a family vacation. These articles places some great travel destinations for families plus tips for taking your toddler along for the journey!

A Travel Bucket List for My Daughter
Carmel, California: The Perfect Family Vacation
Family Friendly Tips for Your Trip to Fabulous Las Vegas
Tips for Traveling with Your Toddler to Disney World

Parenting a Toddler with Humor

These articles have been my most popular. I think it is because we can all relate to these parenting mishaps. I have never been afraid to poke fun at myself and life with a toddler leads to plenty of embarrassment. Also, I am completely okay with these posts going viral, so there will plenty of opportunities to return the favor of embarrassment when my daughter becomes a teenager.

How to Keep Afloat During Toddler Swim Lessons
How to Survive Target Shopping With a Toddler
What to Pack in Your Toddler Mom Survival Kit
How I Caused My Toddler’s Public Meltdown

If you like these stories and have some of your own to contribute, I have compiled some of my favorite blog posts by myself and others on Pinterest. Message me if you would like to contribute to my board, Toddler Tales!